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1. they shoot with film, don't they?
some thoughts on the film .vs digital civil war
film - discussion
6.6.12 : feature column!

Times are changing fast, with technology transforming all we see around us. Those of us alive long enough to remember cassette tapes, encyclopedias and phones that couldn't do everything for us, are often forced to adapt or be left behind. In the film and photography worlds, a civil war has emerged over the last decade or so, between those who prefer shooting film or digital, a civil war that would've been unthinkable in the past. I remember film school like yesterday. There was an immediacy t...
2. on meeting adam yauch, who had nothing to lose
pop culture - appreciation
5.7.12 : feature column!

It doesn’t even matter what happens after this: One of the best summers of my life will always be the summer of 1997, when I, fresh off my junior year of film school, found myself in New York City interning at the now defunct October Films. It was a sweltering trimester of script coverage and flirting with fellow interns from Hampton or the University of Wisconsin and wandering aimlessly through Manhattan most evenings, eventually emerging at my friends’ brownstone in Newark. Headed home one of...
3. wall of noise
racial tension on the rise could lead to a long, hot summer
news - criticism
4.9.12 : feature column!

"The thing I hate almost as much as racist images is the current politically correct climate that strangles honest discussion, then calls the resulting silence progress. Meanwhile, people are not allowed to ask questions or express their feelings to those whom might disagree; we fear being called racist more than we fear being racist." - Jason Gilmore, "Racist Images in Film: A Conversation," MovieMorlocks.com, July 2011 There has never been a time in this country's relatively brief existence w...
4. funny people
the plight of black sketch comedy television, pre & post-chappelle's show
pop culture - discussion
3.12.12 : feature column!

Nothing has filled the void of "Chappelle’s Show", Dave Chappelle’s brilliant, edgy Comedy Central sketch show that deftly navigated American racial, political, pop cultural and sexual mores over two glorious seasons (2004-06). There has been nothing even close, and I wish studio execs would come up with a back up plan before robbing us of such a broad, accessible moment of genius. Or simply treat their talent better. Prior to Chappelle, there was nothing to fill the void of "In Living Color"...
5. where do broken hearts go
the unstoppable rise and fall of whitney houston
music - appreciation
2.15.12 : feature column!

1. She was, without irrational argument, the greatest female singer of her generation, and the greatest female singer, possibly, to ever live. If you were sculpting a pop star from scratch, you couldn’t have built a better voice, a prettier face, or a greater vocal lineage. She rendered MTV colorblind in the mid-80s, following in Michael Jackson and Prince’s footsteps. Her talent was unreal at times, moved mountains that shouldn’t have budged. Who else could’ve pulled off The Bodyguard or turn...
6. tebow, christianity and american sports
sports - discussion
1.11.12 : feature column!

What's that you say? God wouldn't communicate to the world through a football player? Well, if you believe in God, and not just some vague metaphysical entity, but the God of the Bible, then you know He can communicate however He sees fit. (Talking donkey, anyone? A burning bush, perhaps?) And when you think about it, communicating through a sport that commands millions of eyeballs weekly and has the nerve to play it's games on the Lord's day, actually sounds like the way to go. Do I believe G...
7. an unawkward interview with awkward black girl's issa rae
pop culture - appreciation
12.12.11 : feature column!

Stanford and NY Film Academy grad Issa Rae has made a major splash with her popular, loosely autobiographical webisode, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, which debuted on YouTube earlier this year. The show, "ABG" for short, details the humorous travails of J (played by Rae), the general absurdity of her love life and antics of her friends and co-workers, all within a very non-PC world. Made from a desire to see characters of color shown in a Seinfeld-esque sensibility, the debut has garn...
8. requiem for a heavyweight
remembering the late, great heavy d
music - appreciation
11.11.11 : feature column!

If you had asked me, earlier in the week, to name my favorite five or ten or twenty rappers of that golden time of hip-hop between 1986 and 1993, I would not have mentioned Heavy D. He created gems with seemingly so little effort that it was easy to take him for granted. But more so than many of the rappers I would have named, were it not for Heavy D, that era would look very different. He was a part of an interesting chapter of the genre, guys like Kid N’ Play, Redhead Kingpin, etc., that mixe...
9. ryan gosling in the driver's seat
iconoclastic star shines in two different hollywood dramas
film - discussion
10.13.11 : feature column!

I love L.A. movies. Not movies shot in L.A. or abstractly set there, but films that live and breathe their L.A.-ness, because it’s a difficult thing to do. In a city so often associated with illusion – a city that can give you everything from snow-capped mountains to deserts, where sunshine and rain can be blocks apart – capturing its true essence can be, at times, like capturing water in your hands. Drive, the first Hollywood film made by the Denmark-born, New York-raised Nicholas Winding R...
10. september 11th, 10 years later
looking back, looking ahead
news - discussion
9.12.11 : feature column!

By the time you read this, for better or worse, the 10th anniversary (what is a synonym for "anniversary" that doesn't sound so peppy?) of the September 11th attacks will have passed. All of the commemorations and terrifying flashback footage and heartfelt commercials will be done and we'll be back to our daily reality, whatever that may be. We are different in so many ways since 2001, in ways that connect to September 11th, and in ways that don't. The technological advances we've achieved in t...


re: on meeting adam yauch, who had nothing to lose

Awesome is all I can say about the writing, as well as what is being written about.

re: where do broken hearts go

good supporting details. strong voice.

re: where do broken hearts go

Thoughtful and well-written.

re: where do broken hearts go

Beautiful and all about being nothing but human.

re: requiem for a heavyweight

Though my exposure to rap back in those days was minimal, I at least knew Heavy D by name. Your column makes me want to learn about what I was missing. Love how you added your own personal reminiscences as well, bringing it back down to a level we can all relate to, even if we weren't fans.

re: the year of parenting dangerously

Please keep up the Jasonphilia. Loved reading this.

re: the girl who had everything

A beautiful tribute. To the point.

re: 10 things most don't know about martin luther king

Excellent. To the point, well researched (I assume), not preachy, not dishy. Very well done.

re: a tale of two sidneys

Well written, researched, opinioned. And the added visual aids were excellent.
There are also a bunch of movies I now want to see.

re: pacino, attica & dog day afternoon

a great "close reading" of this pivotal scene

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