9.20.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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Most comfortable on a bar stool, Albert Garcia grew up in Los Angeles and attended the University of California and the University of London. He lives with his wife in Northern California, loves to travel and writes with a Pilot Q7.

member since 7.28.05
personal site: the view from california


the 'brary chronicles: an introduction
bullets, knives, free stuff and oh yeah, books
pop culture - discussion
10.31.11 : feature column!

27 hours of back labor
a short stay in the nicu - my new hero - and a boy named gabriel
general - appreciation
5.26.11 : feature column!

expecting a baby
when the expectations have been reset
general - lifestyle
1.21.11 : feature column!

thank you, grandma!
general - appreciation

volunteering-the new philanthropy
general - lifestyle
12.25.09 : feature column!

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