9.25.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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My life is an open book. A comic book, about a superhero with the amazing ability to make his nose hair grow. Oh, and someone's torn out the order form for the $2.99 X-ray specs.

member since 7.8.00


an ugly reality
how the real world is trying to invade my child's world
general - discussion
11.25.09 : feature column!

things i learned since my small business tanked
and mistakes i’m not likely to make again if i ever get the chance
news - business
3.20.09 : feature column!

the pizza man's union
why i'm doing what i'm doing
news - career

keeping the pot stirred
unity? we don't need no steenkin' unity!
news - general

small town politics
news - general

black and white, heart and soul
writing - sample
7.23.01 : feature column!

turn me on, dead man
i'm back, and brother do we need to talk ...
writing - sample
5.21.01 : feature column!

yon thoroughfare
an ancient ballad for the modern commuter
writing - sample

the encapsulator, part two
the day continues ...
humor - general
9.9.00 : feature column!

the encapsulator
a day in the life of a minor superhero
humor - general
8.18.00 : feature column!

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