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A whole gallon of attitude, poured into a pint container.

member since 7.8.00
elgin, il  usa
dob: 12.31.64
personal site: mockingbird studio


jewelry-making with jiminy cricket
an ethical conundrum

Many years ago, I got into a disagreement on a public newsgroup. I will now admit that the argument began mainly because I was feeling contrary and the guy's attitude just rubbed me the wrong way, but as the argument went on (and on and on and ON, as things with me are wont to do) I became genuinely committed to my position. In brief: he owned a factory in rural China that produced millefiore polymer clay beads. I also make millefiore polymer clay beads. He employed 60 former farmers who produced canes that measured several feet in diameter and were upwards of eight feet long. Literally tens of thousands of beads in a single cane, and 20 to 40 canes PER DAY. For comparison's sake, the largest cane I have ever made was the size of a can of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and resulted in nearly two hundred beads. This factory owner wanted to be recognized for his contribution to the polymer clay artists' community. I made an offhand comment that I was familiar with the work that ca... 
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life goes on
far too quickly
vegging out
an experiment in meatlessness
3.3.06 : feature!
voices in the dark
a new twist on an old favorite
11.23.05 : feature!
love letters
before it's too late
let go
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1. head over heels
eddie izzard comes out -- again
11.12.04 : feature!
2. voices in the dark
a new twist on an old favorite
11.23.05 : feature!
3. revengers tragedy
a dish best eaten cold
4. renaissance man
the wit and will of jeff mclane
5. empty boy
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re: jewelry-making with jiminy cricket

Very enlightening.

re: vegging out

i liked the approach. not preachy or overly pretty.

re: life goes on

Juli, That is the best tribute you could give to your mother. Very touching and really moved me. Makes me want to call my mother..Thx

re: vegging out

It's always good to get reinforcement from (more or less) "normal" people!

re: let go

I find the last stanza just a touch confusing in the construction in the 2nd and 4th stanza you maintain a ABACAD format while in the last you goto an ABACAE...of course there is no set rule in poetry that says you cannot do this and the format is a bit reminicent of Shakespere. Overall well done love.

re: empty boy

I really like this one. You've captured a moment and yet something that goes beyond a moment as well. The only critisim I can give you is I think you could have physically structured the poem to give it a greater depth.

re: shuffling through time and space

This is beautiful. Insightful. Moving.

re: men are losers

We still only earn seventy-five cents for every dollar they earn.

re: men are losers

Huzzah for Juli, you are most certainly a "virtuoso of life"

re: men are losers

GREAT job, and not just because I was sympathetic to the content.

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