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See that job title? Check it out: "Spy". How cool is that?

I know, you're probably wondering what it means to be a spy for an international organization like Intrepid Media, huh? Well I'd love to tell you, but I can't.

It's all part of the spy game, baby.

member since 3.3.00
raleigh, nc
personal site: rogerstriffler.com


time and a song
the soundtrack to your life
7.9.07 : feature!

My grandfather once related a story to me about how my uncle was doing some major repairs on his sailboat, and had arranged for a big crew of his friends to come over and help. My grandfather decided to stop by and see how the work was coming along, and was surprised to find that there were a whole bunch of people there, but no one was working. They were all looking around for a radio. Once the radio had been found and the music was going, they all got to work. Well that seemed to just tickle my grandfather to death. Imagine, not being able to work until the music was playing.

I chuckled. "Yeah, that's funny. Imagine". I didn't have the heart to tell him that I completely understood where they were coming from. I'm exactly the same way. Whether I'm working in the yard,the garage, or the living room, the first thing I do is put on some music. The beautiful thing about music is that it can accompany you while you're doing almost anything else. ... 
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a shadowy business
news from ground(hog) zero
2.20.04 : feature!
the space between
flying is for the birds
11.27.02 : feature!
i, spy
intrepid media and my return to the dark side
9.25.02 : feature!
bitter, party of two
looking to turn the political tables
8.30.02 : feature!
a bountiful harvest
vegetables on parade
7.24.02 : feature!
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1. virtually amazing
i doubt this is the *final* fantasy
: feature!
2. a shadowy business
news from ground(hog) zero
2.20.04 : feature!
3. after a fashion
you can take him out, but you can't dress him up
7.20.01 : feature!
4. mission i'mpossible
four days that shook my world
6.24.02 : feature!
5. i, spy
intrepid media and my return to the dark side
9.25.02 : feature!
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re: time and a song

Terrific work. Makes me want to write something like this myself.

re: a shadowy business

Seems a little short somehow. I'm not sure where, though.

re: the space between

It's when you share your inner self and your thoughts that I love your work the most.

re: the space between

great topic and structure.

re: the space between

Very nice piece. My only complaint would be that I think the piece would be just as good without dissing air travel. The wonders of the in-between is a great concept without the need to be contrarian.

re: i, spy

Clever, Mr. Striffler, very clever.

re: i, spy

I really enjoyed the light hearted, playful, fun writing ... I laughed and I don't even know these people.

re: i, spy

Hard to relate "spy" to what he's doing on Intrepid Media. Maybe you have to be an insider.

re: i, spy

Why haven't I critiqued this before? Especially when the critique is this easy: It's awesome.

re: bitter, party of two

A well written piece on a timely subject. If only the polticians saw things as you do.

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