10.17.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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Matt would love to be George Plimpton...welll, except for the being dead part.

He supplies the doing and the writing. All he asks of you is the reading.

single white male
member since 5.7.01


deep thoughts
six ideas that prove i'm a genius.
pop culture - improvement
5.19.04 : feature column!

i always feel like somebody’s watching me.
and i’ve got no privacy.
tech - discussion
4.19.04 : feature column!

if the condom fits, wear it.
experimenting with the new generation of prophylaxis.
general - lifestyle
3.17.04 : feature column!

janet's boob and other important news stories
all the news that's fit to print.
news - sample
2.16.04 : feature column!

cable cars are for suckers.
the anti-tourist's guide to san francisco
pop culture - lifestyle
1.21.04 : feature column!

my resolution: lick bush in '04.
the worst president in history needs to go away.
general - criticism
12.19.03 : feature column!

a swinging good time
how i learned to fly
sports - lifestyle
11.17.03 : feature column!

straight eye for the straight guy
big primpin'
general - lifestyle
10.15.03 : feature column!

and the beat goes on.
10 albums you should be listening to right now.
music - appreciation
9.15.03 : feature column!

big butts and i cannot lie.
giving you the j-lowdown
pop culture - criticism
8.13.03 : feature column!

beer and blockbusters.
introducing matt’s movie drinking game.
pop culture - appreciation
7.14.03 : feature column!

they don’t know what they’re missing.
old inventions enter obscurity
pop culture - appreciation
6.10.03 : feature column!

crazy people.
i'm not one of them. really.
general - lifestyle
5.14.03 : feature column!

do i make you horny, baby?
yes, i went to a sex club.
general - lifestyle
4.14.03 : feature column!

give me all your money!
in debt? no problem - just e-beg.
pop culture - criticism
3.14.03 : feature column!

what are you waiting for?
my list of things to do before i die.
general - lifestyle
2.14.03 : feature column!

bring on brad pitt.
i'm breaking the first rule of fight club.
sports - general
1.15.03 : feature column!

all i want for christmas.
i'm making a list and checking it twice.
general - lifestyle
12.13.02 : feature column!

let's eat.
your fat ass should read this.
general - lifestyle
11.18.02 : feature column!

on your mark. get set. date!
the 3:00 girlfriend.
general - lifestyle
10.14.02 : feature column!

how intrepid changed my life
for the worse.
general - lifestyle
9.18.02 : feature column!

a pro prospect
i don't want to be an athlete, just act like one.
sports - career
8.28.02 : feature column!

writing - sample

dear joe procopio
(some of the 107 faces of intrepid media)
writing - appreciation
7.29.02 : feature column!

the customer is always wrong.
when did service become extinct?
general - criticism
6.19.02 : feature column!

you’re such a hypocrite.
why sexism and racism don’t go away.
general - discussion
5.24.02 : feature column!

hi ho, hi ho.
it's off to work i go.
general - career
4.12.02 : feature column!

my secret.
three little letters.
general - lifestyle

get real.
my time spent in an alternate reality
television - appreciation
2.27.02 : feature column!

love at first site
make me a match.com
general - lifestyle
1.25.02 : feature column!

2001: a matt odyssey
everything i learned in 2001.
general - lifestyle
12.28.01 : feature column!

be all that you can be
one man’s dilemma on halloween
general - lifestyle
10.29.01 : feature column!

i screwed up. now give me money.
do the airlines think this attack made us stupid?
general - criticism

take a deep breath and relax.
the three-step way to a stress-free life.
general - lifestyle
9.14.01 : feature column!

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