9.25.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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Joe Redden Tigan’s first novel does not have enough commas. It says so right there in the Foreword magazine review. Despite that, Waggle was bumped to iUniverse's Star Book program and is currently being considered for an Independent Publisher’s Book Award.

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merry independents day
obama came home for the holidays!
general - discussion
12.24.10 : feature column!

mr. in-between
a thanksgiving leftover
pop culture - general
1.29.10 : feature column!

tiger caught in love embrace with "the situation"
snooki tries for meatball sandwich, fails
pop culture - general

can paul blart: mall cop save us all?
mired in the...
film - criticism
8.27.09 : feature column!

the times they czar a-changin’
pop culture - general
6.11.09 : feature column!

the sweet spot
what's better than sweet?
humor - general

walking makes music happen in my head
i can't golf with or without you
humor - general

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