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fake vegas
busting myths in atlantic city
by joe procopio (@jproco)
topic: pop culture
11.1.10 • CLASSIC

When my friend Scott and I booked ourselves a quick 36-hour Atlantic City slingshot off of a business trip I'd be taking, we knew what we were getting into. Sort of. We're both huge Vegas guys. Over the years and years (and years), we've graduated from the Tropicana to Caesar's, from free beer to free suites, and from multi-deck to single-deck. We'd been to several casinos outside of Vegas, from carbon-copies like Foxwoods to the somewhat terrifying international waters cruises to the sketch

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having the write stuff
authorship, readership, and the sacrifice that isn't
by jael mchenry (@JaelMcHenry)
topic: writing
4.4.11 • CLASSIC

It's a very common thing these days to bemoan how writers don't get to "just write" anymore. That instead of just getting to focus on writing a fantastic novel, and having your success rise or fall on writing quality alone, writers have to do a thousand other things. Those who want to become published authors also need to be marketing geniuses, self-promoters, social networking gurus, and tireless advocates of their own brand. In a way, this is kind of true. It's also completely misleading. He

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a cup o' kindness? not quite yet.
scold lang syne: a frustrating year
by adam kraemer (@DryWryBred)
topic: news
12.9.09 • CLASSIC

In precisely 40,988 minutes from this writing it will be 2010. I've done the math. And by "done the math," I mean "checked an online countdown clock and took their word for it." In layman's terms, that's 2,459,288 seconds. And for those who can't count that high, I'll round down and say it's already 2010. Yeah, that doesn't help anyone. However, when the date does roll around, I do celebrate New Year's in fashion most typical -- by drinking too much and high-fiving total strangers.

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the worst show you can't stop watching
by michelle von euw
topic: music
10.11.10 • CLASSIC

Despite what the Emmy voters and popular press may tell you, Glee is not a good television show. I know; I’ve watched every episode. I am a connoisseur of TV. I appreciate and celebrate television shows as an art form. I champion the creativity and the intellect it takes to achieve a good series. I will talk to you about the brilliance of The Wire and Everwood; I will describe in great detail the perfect arcs of season one Veronica Mars and season two Buffy the Vampire Slayer; I will tell y

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this changes everything
the apple of my eye
by mike julianelle
topic: humor
11.5.10 • CLASSIC

I had no idea it would be this complicated. I know, I know: I signed up for this, I should have known what I was getting into. Hell, I'd even done the research, reading up online, getting friends opinions, interacting with different kinds just to see how it felt. But when it's yours, it's a brand new ballgame. For years I railed against them. I'm older now. Things have changed. I've changed. And when it came time to take it home, I was not even close to prepared for it. I’d heard from friends

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memories of russ carr
by tracey l. kelley (@TraceyLKelley)
topic: general
2.27.12 • CLASSIC

I had no intention of writing about the recent death of Russ Carr, my good friend and Intrepid Media colleague, until I looked at the publish date of my next column: February 27th.

Russ' birthday.

What a cheeky monkey he is to be jumping up and down even now to get my attention.

Since we celebrated birthdays a couple of weeks apart, Russ and I often exchanged gifts. In early February of this year, I had his present ready to send: whiskey stones. Soapstone cubes he could freeze and then use to properly chill his Jameson's without diluting it.

Notice the proper spelling of whiskey, with the 'e'. Not the other way. With the 'e' is the Celtic variation, the one with which Russ and I best identified, waving the green, white, and orange of our Irish pride whenever we saw fit: exchanging Guinness Pie recipes; creating flyers to promote our Intrepid Media work at the Kansas City Irish Festival; wearing claddagh jewelry. Russ and his wife, Kathy, also chose proper Gaelic names for their sons, Brendan and Duncan. And Russ instinctively used a Warrior Pose image for the logo he designed for my business, Tracey Kelley Yoga. In Gaelic, Tracey means "warrior, more powerful". He told me later he had no idea of the connection. Of course, that was the magic of it.

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jason in the middle
making meaning of middle age, mortality and milestones
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)
topic: general
6.16.11 • CLASSIC

The problem with being middle aged is that no one ever, not even once, takes five minutes out of their life and pictures themselves being middle aged beforehand. Youth is wasted on the young, the famous saying goes, and during my youth, I was too self-absorbed to picture myself as being anything more than young, senile or dead. I could conceive of death (I’m from inner-city Toledo, death surrounded me) and I knew I would grow old someday (I was a church kid, old people surrounded me), but for so

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finding the line between young and old
read at your own risk, because once you get it, you might know you're old, too
by jeffrey d. walker
topic: humor
9.14.12 • CLASSIC

It is an undeniable truth harbored by the young: getting old is not cool! “I don’t want to grow up” is more than just a slogan for “Toys ‘R’ Us”; young people tend to believe that old people are generally boring, and do boring things, and talk about boring stuff. And most any kid, even if they love their parents and grandparents, both fear and loathe the idea of becoming old themselves.

Of course, kids desire all of the stuff that comes with being grown up, like having their own place, the ability to drive, income, and beer. That stuff is pretty cool, but actually becoming older is not. Because being old is. not. cool.

At least, that's what young people would say. It's nice to know now what idiots kids are.

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trust your own judgment
but ask questions, and listen to the answers
by maigen thomas (@Maigen)
topic: general
10.24.11 • CLASSIC

"Your number is four, right now," the psychic says to me. I nod as if I know what she's talking about. I want this small, calm woman to continue speaking, but I'm not sure if she needs verbal feedback of my understanding.

She doesn't. "In four months, you will experience a shocking turnover in your life. An upheaval."

"Four months?" I scribble on my piece of paper, leaving out vowels in my haste to record this important statement.

Staring at my hands, her own patiently crossed, waiting for my pen to stop flickering across the paper. "Four months. And in four years, you will no longer recognize your life as it is."

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words to a stubborn alcoholic
a necessary dose of tough love
by alex b (@Lexistential)
topic: general
9.19.11 • CLASSIC

Tough love. After-school specials, Nancy Reagan, and a selection of lovely leather goods are among what come to mind when I hear the phrase. Tuff love, shmuff love. I've heard the phrase tossed around so often that its meaning is dwarfed, and hardly feels serious.

But lately, where a friend is concerned, life is teaching me otherwise.

The friend in question is, in fact, my longtime best friend. He's a brother from another dysfunctional mother, the person I think to list for an emergency contact, the former roommate who got into a colossal perfume fight with me that seemed like a fun idea at the time (don't ask). For some six years' worth of guys and more guys, riches and pay cuts, and even skinny and fat phases, he has been a constant presence.

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the power to decide
why it’s necessary for women to control their birth control
by sarah ficke (@DameMystery)
topic: news
3.7.12 • CLASSIC

When Sandra Fluke stood up to testify in front of Congress on February 23rd about the importance of accessible birth control for all women, she probably didn’t expect to be called a prostitute. Women probably didn’t think that, in March of 2012, we’d be defending our right to use a medicine that was approved for sale 52 years ago. And yet, here we are again having to convince people – primarily men – that women do have the right to have sex without pregnancy.

We live in a time when men are lowering or erasing the barriers that allow them to get women pregnant (see: insurance-subsidized Viagra), while making it harder and harder for women to prevent conception. While the issue is birth control, no-one is really talking about condoms in this case. Condoms are available on supermarket shelves, they cost less to buy, and they are known to prevent STIs – a definite medical benefit. They also require the consent of a man. The real subject of the conversation is the pill: the birth control method that women control and that women can practice with or without a man’s knowledge or consent.* The question then becomes not just should women use contraception, but should women be allowed to choose contraception on their own? There are many excellent reasons why the answer is – and should always be – yes.

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a post-technologist's early review
by erik lars myers (@TopFermented)
topic: tech
7.11.11 • CLASSIC

When I heard about Google+ I was excited. Yeah, I am nerd, hear me roar. Without much to go on but a cryptic Flash movie and hear-say, I had that tingling I used to get as a kid whenever I would go out and buy a new video game. I would spend the entire trip home thinking about how I was going to waste an entire weekend playing it to death. It was the tingle of anticipation for new content, new stories, an exploratory experience, and something new to learn and become proficient at. That kind

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the cult of eff
bearing facebook's existential weight
by jeff miller (@jmillerboston)
topic: pop culture
11.7.11 • CLASSIC


It's two in the morning. My 5-year-old daughter has been in school exactly one week, and she's already brought home a lovely collection of drawings, handwriting worksheets, and the requisite headcold, which is now keeping me awake, along with the surprisingly annoying pitterpat of rain on asphalt and a Sudafed-induced psychedelia of voices and images swirling 'round my poor, stuffy skull.

I'm a bit of a worrier, and at my age and life stage (the two aren't exactly in sync thanks to my spending all of my twenties and, yes, even some of my thirties trying to be a professional musician) there's plenty of nourishment for the big green monster loving in Binkley's Anxiety Closet.

Still, I was somewhat shocked - enough so to prop myself up and subject my watery eyes to the microwave blaze of the iPad - to discover I was not only lying awake, suffering the indignities of late-night snot and Psuedoephedrine night terrors, I was also sweating the increasing burden and exponential, existential complexity of Facebook.

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