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drummer wanted
why you should never, ever start a band
by joe procopio (@jproco)
topic: music
5.2.08 • CLASSIC

Drummer wanted to complete three-piece rock group. Well, it's kind of alt-rock, but not all moody and down, nor is it grungy, punky, jangly, or powerpop. But it isn't classic rock either and it certainly isn't hard rock or metal. Wait, it might be a little hard. I mean, if your notion of regular everyday pedestrian rock is Coldplay or Radiohead, than this is a little harder than that. But there's no screaming. Or grunting. And none of that way-too-serious faux-metal. Like, if we ever make a

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facebook of hours
the five stages of facebook
by jael mchenry (@JaelMcHenry)
topic: pop culture
2.4.09 • CLASSIC

One: Comprehensive Panic. When you finally stir yourself, after months of resistance, to join Facebook… it freaks. You. Out. Everyone’s there! Your exes! Your college friends! Your high school friends! In some cases, your parents’ friends! You think carefully about who you want to friend. Were you really friends with that person, or do you just recognize their name? Will they be offended and ignore you, thinking that “friend” isn’t right? You get a warm fuzzy whenever anyone accepts your reques

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clear and presents danger
musings on holiday gifting
by adam kraemer (@DryWryBred)
topic: humor
12.8.10 • CLASSIC

“What do you want for Chanukah next week?” my mom asked me. “Peace on Earth; good will towards men,” I answered. “Please pass the turkey and cranberry sauce.” For those of you who don’t know, The Jewish Festival of Gifts Lights came strikingly early this year. Usually, it’s somewhere around Christmas, largely because they both started as Pagan holidays for the Winter Solstice. Semantically speaking. Except that for one of the holidays we symbolically light up a multi-branched ornamental symbo

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love, american (movie) style
why fake love isn't enough for the fans
by michelle von euw
topic: pop culture
3.9.09 • CLASSIC

There are mysteries we all face in life that cannot be explained. Why is “Dollhouse” so bad? Why can’t the guy in 13A actually cover his mouth when he coughs, instead of infecting the entire plane with his nasty cold? Why does anyone care what Rush Limbaugh has to say about anyone? (You know if he’s talking about anyone left of Mussolini, it’s not going to be very nice. He’s been doing the same shtick for 15 years, so why get all riled up about him now?) But the one that plagues me today i

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two is the loneliest number
i've got friends in no places
by mike julianelle
topic: humor
7.18.08 • CLASSIC

I often tell people that the reason I skip my college and high school reunions is that I am already in touch with all of the people with whom I wish to be in touch. And that's true. I learned most everything I needed to know about my former classmates when they were my current classmates. As a result, some of them made the cut and remain good friends, some of them didn't yet still somehow linger in my fantasy football league, and yet others get the dreaded "ignore" button on facebook, and are bl

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god for president 2012
the official statement
by tracey l. kelley (@TraceyLKelley)
topic: humor
3.28.12 • CLASSIC

Behold, voters, for I have arrived!

No longer will I allow my self-appointed press secretary Rick Santorum to speak on my behalf. Bless his soul, he often goes off with his pistol half cocked, as we say in the American South. I am afraid that greatly skews his conscious understanding of me, the Bible, the Earth, women, Christianity, education, migrant workers, the role of government, the financial sector, the separation of church and state, unemployment, renewable energy, ham and cheese sandwiches, ring-tailed lemurs, athletic socks, rally stripes on muscle cars, Etch-A-Sketches--well, you see my point.

Something is bothering me. Frankly, I hate to bring it up, but my PR firm, Holy Universal Results, gently suggested I get in front of this before Anderson Cooper.

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the something borrowed interview: jason gilmore
intrepid's prodigal filmmaker tries to talk some sense into himself
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)
topic: film
4.20.09 • CLASSIC

Something Borrowed is the latest short film by Jason Gilmore, who served as its writer, director, cinematographer and editor. After wearing so many hats on this project, he had no problem sitting down to interview himself about the making of the film. He spent too much time alone as a teenager. Intrepid Media: How are you? Jason Gilmore: Good. Very tired. But good. IM: So tell us, what is Something Borrowed about? And why should we watch it? JG: Something Borrowed is about a young man who

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don't hassel the hoff
a discussion on the life and times of david hasselhoff
by jeffrey d. walker
topic: pop culture
5.16.07 • CLASSIC

Unless you're David Hasselhoff, you will never know what it's really like to be David Hasselhoff. You can speculate, you can talk about what he's wearing, but you don't know what it is to be "The Hoff," saving people's lives in a supercomputer on wheels; saving people's lives as a Doctor, saving people's lives as a lifeguard while surrounded by incredibly curvy women; being the King of the Internet. Dallas Maverick's star Dirk Nowitzki, just named NBA's Most Valuable Player, admitted he somet

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this earth day, make the world a better place
and not just with your gorgeous smile!
by maigen thomas (@Maigen)
topic: pop culture
4.22.09 • CLASSIC

"Another day, another dollar." Or, perhaps you've heard, bitterly and far more appropriate to the current economic situation: "Same shit, different day." It's always a cycle for us, whether we be creative types or worker bees in cubicle farms, however exciting life can be one day, it's usually back to normal the next. Or, whatever the closest approximation to 'normal' can be. Unfortunately, the same logic can't be applied to the planet we call home. "Another day...same earth" just doesn't h

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conqueror, thy name is apple
how i got an i-life
by alex b (@Lexistential)
topic: tech
5.25.07 • CLASSIC

I am hooked on Apple. No day goes by without quality time spent with my iMac and iPod; I can’t picture a day where I don’t spend some time tinkering with an iTunes playlist or listening to a podcast. But I didn’t consciously know how much of a habitual iNerd I was till I downloaded an iTunes upgrade. The page greeted me boldly with an 18-point font: “Welcome to the entertainment center of your world.” At that, I thought, "YES." My computer and iPod are indeed the gatekeepers of my entertain

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a part of our speech
by sarah ficke (@DameMystery)
topic: news
4.16.12 • CLASSIC

Loving: Noun
Loving begins as a noun, but not just any noun. Loving is a personal noun; it is something we experience only through the prism of ourselves. We can’t point to the source of love, diagram its location, or dissect it from our body, and yet it is there. Loving is also a noun in the stricter sense: Richard Loving, a white man born in Caroline County, Virginia, in 1933.

Loving: Verb
Loving may begin as a noun, but we know it best as a verb. We recognize love only because we see it in action: caring, sharing, laughing, kissing, touching, soothing, healing, helping, grieving. These actions can shape our lives, yet we can’t trace them to a source. Love – of nature, of creatures, of music – is a mystery in the abstract, but vibrant in reality. Something happens in your spirit, your physical heart might thump, your nerves might jitter, and suddenly that potential for love comes out into the open. That kind of spark caught Richard Loving (noun: white) and Mildred Jeter (noun: black) and whirled them into action. They were loving each other, and – as it always does – that love was shaping their lives.

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(you gotta) fight for your right(s)
party like it's 1789
by erik lars myers (@TopFermented)
topic: pop culture
10.27.08 • CLASSIC

You! Yeah. You. In front of the computer. I'm talking to you. Writing-- whatever. Settle down. Look, we need to talk. Can we talk? Relax. We're not breaking up. Are you busy next week? Because there's this thing - you should know this by now - Tuesday? Right? Election Day. No, no. It's sort of like a holiday, except you have to skive off of work to celebrate. Like Flag Day. Here's the thing, though. Go vote. Seriously. It's important. I know, you hear that kind of

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who moved my chi?
finding my way back to inner peace
by heather m. millen
topic: general
4.23.08 • CLASSIC

I'm an incredibly organized person. I keep an "Infamous To Do List" that is updated daily and nothing gives me greater pleasure than checking off items. I like clean surfaces and carefully arranged closets. Clothes belong in a chest of drawers, not the floor of my bedroom. I have boxes and drawers and baskets, all to better organize my life... and my husband's life if he would only listen to me and STOP LEAVING ALL THAT CRAP ON THE DESK! When something is lost in the house, it's inevitably

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longhair tv
by jeff miller (@jmillerboston)
topic: pop culture
2.24.10 • CLASSIC

My hair used to be REALLY long. Cliff Burton long. Conan the Barbarian long. Born-in-the70's-hit-puberty-in-the-80's long. There was nothing ironic or unusual about this. In my day - and at a burly 38, I feel entitled to an occasional in my day - if you were a young man who knew how to rock and roll all night and party every day, this was barely a choice at all. Growing your hair was as much a conscious decision as wearing jeans or eating fast food. It wasn't a question of should I grow it out

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What a bunch of crap! :-D Sorry. I tried to let it pass. Butt I'm weak. [edited]...

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Too short. Sigh. Thanks Maigen. I just miss him. I am glad that I can find people who cared deeply for him here. He had such good friends here!...


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