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a year without netflix
i really just hope she's happy
by joe procopio (@jproco)
topic: pop culture
9.7.12 • CLASSIC

It was almost exactly one year ago that I gave Netflix the heave-ho, the 86, the Heisman. Having been told my $9.99-a-month deal was going to soar to $15.98 and include a reported massive cut in streaming selection, I really didn't hesitate.

My belief, and this holds true today, is that Netflix is a luxury service, even for an entertainment junkie like me (and my wife) with three kids who, through no fault of my own, can sing every Fresh Beat Band song there is.

God save us all.

And I was also right about this: The price increase and the public relations dumpster-fire that followed couldn't have come at a worse time for Netflix.

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life is too short
thirty-one things you needn't bother doing
by jael mchenry (@JaelMcHenry)
topic: pop culture
2.6.12 • CLASSIC

Life is too short. Can we all agree on that? Then why do we spend so much of it doing pointless things? For example, I can't count the number of people who took the time to update Facebook or Twitter about their plans not to watch the Super Bowl. (Same thing happens for the Golden Globes, Oscars, etc.) So that's number one: jump onto social media to tell everyone what you're not doing.

For the record, thirty other things life is too short to do:

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writing fail
five reasons why you should all really appreciate my columns
by adam kraemer (@DryWryBred)
topic: writing
8.12.09 • CLASSIC

As of last week, I'm writing a book. I've shared the first chapter with a couple of people (mostly family and a couple friends who love me for me), and it's been met with excellent reviews. My grandmother had a couple edits. This is not the first time I've been inspired to write something (I have to tell you, it's gonna be semi-autobiographical and in second person! I'm so clever!), however. Obviously, judging by the fact that I'm not exactly a household name - even in my own household, and I l

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ten tracks
my mind in music
by michelle von euw
topic: music
6.11.07 • CLASSIC

I get my best ideas when my brain and my body are as far away from a computer keyboard as possible. Up to my waist in sea water, a rocky beach behind me and a stretch of blue/green/white endlessly reaching out before me. My limbs moving faster than they should on a treadmill, my face red, the hollow of my lower back collecting sweat, my focus on my heart rate and my slipping sports bra and the Sportscenter highlights on the television above me and the speed at which the red numbers flip forwar

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jukebox zero
putting a ceiling on the dancing
by mike julianelle
topic: humor
9.7.07 • CLASSIC

My fiance won't let me use the Guns 'n Roses song "Get In The Ring" for our first dance at our wedding. Maybe she's right. Maybe a song in with the lyric "I don't like you, I just hate you, I'm gonna kick your ass!" and in which the lead singer demands his antagonists "suck [his] fucking dick!" isn't quite wedding material. But goddammit, neither is Moulin Rouge! I'm realistic. I know that I can't have the DJ play all my favorite tunes during my wedding reception. I'm a rock guy, not a dance

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the twig and berries reveal
cassie and marlo listen in: part 1
by tracey l. kelley (@TraceyLKelley)
topic: writing
3.30.09 • CLASSIC

“So in the middle of the St. Barth’s airport, with a caged chicken on one side and an old man in a black leather jacket on the other, the young Frenchmen dropped their shorts.” “There were two of them?” “Yes. They both shucked ‘em off and changed into pants.” “In the middle of an airport. Next to a chicken.” “Well, the chicken was caged, so there wasn’t a threat of, you know, pecking.” “Gives a whole new meaning to the word pec-” “Oh, just stop.” “Were they attractive?” “That makes a differen

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the devil's son in law
the summer of '84, mass murders and overnight celebrity
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)
topic: news
8.19.09 • CLASSIC

Everyone called him Pissy. Those are the names kids come up with when you're twelve years old and still wetting the bed. Unemotional as a child, he was prone to long bouts of silence that eventually left him friendless. Most boys seek comfort from their mothers, but his mother was a prostitute with four other children to raise. She was too busy running the streets to distill his fears, to teach him that sex was created as an act of love between two adults, not the selfish acts of aggression tha

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can't a successful man get laid around here?
lessons on how to get some keeping your dignity
by jeffrey d. walker
topic: news
6.14.11 • CLASSIC

You’d think a successful gentleman would know how to land a lady. I mean, especially in today’s economy – these days, a bottom line in the black should be enough to at least get a phone number. And, if on top of such moderate success, you have some modicum of clout, you’re more than ¾ of the way to closing the deal already. But contrary to those odds, in the past few months, and just within the confines of New York State, several high-profile men, all of whom appear to fit this ¾ of the way

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this earth day, make the world a better place
and not just with your gorgeous smile!
by maigen thomas (@Maigen)
topic: pop culture
4.22.09 • CLASSIC

"Another day, another dollar." Or, perhaps you've heard, bitterly and far more appropriate to the current economic situation: "Same shit, different day." It's always a cycle for us, whether we be creative types or worker bees in cubicle farms, however exciting life can be one day, it's usually back to normal the next. Or, whatever the closest approximation to 'normal' can be. Unfortunately, the same logic can't be applied to the planet we call home. "Another day...same earth" just doesn't h

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three-way etiquette for dummies
a guide to popping the +1 question with finesse
by alex b (@Lexistential)
topic: humor
3.14.08 • CLASSIC

Guys, face it. Us chicks know you've always got three-way in your brain. Sleeping with two of us at the same time is usually up there, along with naked Heidi Klum daydreams, linty bits regarding your relationships, and some questionable visuals possibly involving I Love New York's very own namesake host. (Yeek.) We also know you guys usually do not succeed in addressing the topic with tact, delicacy, or general grace. In fact, when you bring it up, you pretty much thunk like a ballet dancer tha

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they can do it! and so can you.
6 tips for successful blogging
by sarah ficke (@DameMystery)
topic: writing
8.24.09 • CLASSIC

Have you read a blog today? I don't know you (unless I do. Hi!), but I'm going to guess that you have. If fact, you might have read several. Even with the up-and-coming competition of Twitter, blogs are holding strong. The best ones are supplying readers with the news and views they used to get from newspapers or the television, and even the worst are catering to someone out there with a passion for... armadillos in socks, say, who doesn't care if said blogger knows a preposition from a peanut.

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occupational profiling
is this because i'm an irish guy in a police uniform?
by erik lars myers (@TopFermented)
topic: pop culture
7.23.09 • CLASSIC

When Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested at his Cambridge home this week I was struck by something. Clearly, most of the media attention focused on the possible racial profiling involved in the case. Did this ludicrous situation arise just because Gates is a black man? I found myself poring over the police report thinking to myself: I can't even trust this report. This could totally be a cop who knows he's going to be in trouble trying to cover his tracks. Slimy bastard. Later, upon refle

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constant craving
*the secret* to success
by heather m. millen
topic: humor
8.27.08 • CLASSIC

The other day I was sitting at my desk. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon, the day had been a bit stressful and I was greatly in need of a tiny token of relief. Suddenly, I realized that all my soul craved was a cookie. I don't eat cookies very often but who am I to judge what my soul desires? My husband happened to call and I said aloud and with conviction: "I really want a cookie." Ask. Cookies are good. I used to make cookies with my grandmother. She made these amazing little thumbp

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longhair tv
by jeff miller (@jmillerboston)
topic: pop culture
2.24.10 • CLASSIC

My hair used to be REALLY long. Cliff Burton long. Conan the Barbarian long. Born-in-the70's-hit-puberty-in-the-80's long. There was nothing ironic or unusual about this. In my day - and at a burly 38, I feel entitled to an occasional in my day - if you were a young man who knew how to rock and roll all night and party every day, this was barely a choice at all. Growing your hair was as much a conscious decision as wearing jeans or eating fast food. It wasn't a question of should I grow it out

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re: a year without netflix
I would expect that and especially Netflix. Marketing, baby. They're spending zillions to get new subscribers....

re: everybody poops
What a bunch of crap! :-D Sorry. I tried to let it pass. Butt I'm weak. [edited]...

re: you are on your own heroes journey
Too short. Sigh. Thanks Maigen. I just miss him. I am glad that I can find people who cared deeply for him here. He had such good friends here!...


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