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stop blaming bush
let's talk about the real problem
by joe procopio (@jproco)
topic: sports
10.1.10 • CLASSIC

What I did to you just now was wrong, and I admit that. And even though I usually can't stand this excuse, it wasn't my fault. Blame it on the system. If I have to bend the rules and use subterfuge to get ahead in this sea of Internet noise, then so be it, because everyone else is doing it. Sure, I can be expected to operate at a huge disadvantage under rules that no one else is following and ultimately put everything I've got out there for the satisfaction of everyone except me. I can do tha

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the green-eyed author
dissecting and dodging professional jealousy
by jael mchenry (@JaelMcHenry)
topic: writing
3.4.11 • CLASSIC

Somebody's always getting something you're not. It's the truth of being a writer, and a lot of other artistic professions besides. You start out with nothing, and you create, and if you want to share those creations with a larger audience, you have to make a business out of your art. This is a hell of a process. Sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you will fail. You will taste joy and lose it. You will see opportunities and miss them. You will wish for things and some of those wishes will

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how do i love and insult thee?
let me sing it in a couple different ways...
by adam kraemer (@DryWryBred)
topic: music
2.13.12 • CLASSIC

So, this is February. A surprisingly warm February. I say "surprisingly" because I mentioned global climate change in my last column and don't want to sound like a broken record. Broken record. Broken record. Broken record.

February, for those of us old enough to remember last year, is usually fraught with much more peril - snow, wind, sleet, sub-zero temperatures. In addition, there are so many pitfalls awaiting us, in terms of holidays. We stress over whether Phil will see his shadow (and in New York, why he and Chuck disagreed so vehemently). We fondly remember the days when Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday were two separate holidays, and not this hybrid "Presidents Day" that's all too confusing - people walking around in a daze wondering how to celebrate James K. Polk. And, given this week's big holiday, we all just go a little crazy.

I don't know why Tu B'Shevat does that to people.

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the worst show you can't stop watching
by michelle von euw
topic: music
10.11.10 • CLASSIC

Despite what the Emmy voters and popular press may tell you, Glee is not a good television show. I know; I’ve watched every episode. I am a connoisseur of TV. I appreciate and celebrate television shows as an art form. I champion the creativity and the intellect it takes to achieve a good series. I will talk to you about the brilliance of The Wire and Everwood; I will describe in great detail the perfect arcs of season one Veronica Mars and season two Buffy the Vampire Slayer; I will tell y

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we don't need some other hero
by mike julianelle
topic: pop culture
4.6.11 • CLASSIC

In a pattern that is so common it's now merely referred to as "summer," another crop of superhero movies will be sprouting up over the next few months. And regardless of whether they clean up (Captain America) or don't (Thor), more are on their way -- including new installments for the three most famous: Spider-Man, Batman and Superman. A few years ago I wrote a column about Superman's most recent attempt to reclaim his spot as the most super-heroic of all the superheroes. It didn't q

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dear college graduate
5 things you should know
by tracey l. kelley (@TraceyLKelley)
topic: general
4.30.12 • CLASSIC

Congratulations! You're the proud owner of a piece a paper that will launch you into the stratosphere. You've accomplished a milestone along your life's journey.

Now it's time to get serious.

No one has asked me to deliver a commencement address. However, because I'm often around a lot of students, I have some thoughts about your transition you might find easier to accept from someone you don't see every day.

1) Sorry you have student loans. But pay them. This may come as a surprise, so you might want to sit down: there are few opportunities in the world to get free money. I know, right? I don't care what the crazy infomercial man in the question-mark suit says. You borrow money for any reason, and you'll have to pay it back. Okay, maybe your Gran will float you, but it'll come out of your inheritance.

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the year of parenting dangerously
amina's daddy states his case
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)
topic: general
8.18.11 • CLASSIC

It will go so fast.

That’s what everyone tells you when you have a child, when you’re about to have a child, when you think you want to have a child, when you even look at a child -- enjoy each moment because they go fast. I didn’t really believe it. I was a child once, and, for me, those years weren’t fast at all. 4th Grade: Crawling. 7th grade: Sluggish. High school? So ponderous, I thought we were moving backwards on some Benjamin Button ish.

But I felt that way because I was the kid. The one with no job, bills or serious responsibilities. The one whose greatest contribution to the world was that I more or less single handedly introduced N.W.A. and Public Enemy to my junior high school. (You're welcome.) So, of course time felt slothful, elastic, listless... I had nothing to compare it to.

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will 'obamacare' make your doctor quit?
or, did u.s. doctors take the hypocritical oath?
by jeffrey d. walker
topic: news
4.18.11 • CLASSIC

Reports suggest that between 40% and 45% of our nation's doctors are planning to either quit or downscale their medical practices because of "Obamacare." Of course, some reports have edged that up to 74%: I think it's funny that Fox news presented the most liberal interpretation of this story. That's irony. But despite the reports, I still don't believe it. Seriously? A legislative change is going to make 40% + of a whole workforce voluntarily quit? Few people (doctors included) can r

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i am really good at being shocking
but shockingly bad at just being
by maigen thomas (@Maigen)
topic: pop culture
1.23.12 • CLASSIC

So I'm a girl, right?


As a female, there's a general understanding that we don't require pick up lines to meet men or get a date. The joke is something like all you have to do is say “Hi.” While this may be accurate to a very large degree, I wouldn't say this is totally true. Friends of mine say that's not the case at all, but some of those people have spent an evening with me at bars near Times Square during Fleet Week, shooting fish in a barrel. I mean, flirting with military boys on shore passes. Same thing.

But me? Well, I don't exactly have a problem meeting people. I never have. I'm fairly outgoing; I have no trouble striking up conversations with strangers, and I seem to have a personality that helps make other people laugh and feel comfortable pretty quickly. I like being social, telling stories and impressing people. Just saying "Hi" isn't really my style, though. It doesn't always reflect well on who I might actually be on the inside, but if I want attention, I'll get it.

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is enough indeed enough?
an open letter to roman polanski
by alex b (@Lexistential)
topic: news
5.21.10 • CLASSIC

Dear Mr. Polanski, Although I haven't seen most of your movies, you had me at Death and the Maiden. You made a huge impression on my then-eighteen year-old mind, for I've never forgotten the intense, confrontational tone of your film. However, with how I generally remember your name, I think you would have liked me better if I was underage- then and now. Though your 1977 transgression occurred long, long ago, your name is back in the news because of a freshly revealed instance of past misc

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the power to decide
why it’s necessary for women to control their birth control
by sarah ficke (@DameMystery)
topic: news
3.7.12 • CLASSIC

When Sandra Fluke stood up to testify in front of Congress on February 23rd about the importance of accessible birth control for all women, she probably didn’t expect to be called a prostitute. Women probably didn’t think that, in March of 2012, we’d be defending our right to use a medicine that was approved for sale 52 years ago. And yet, here we are again having to convince people – primarily men – that women do have the right to have sex without pregnancy.

We live in a time when men are lowering or erasing the barriers that allow them to get women pregnant (see: insurance-subsidized Viagra), while making it harder and harder for women to prevent conception. While the issue is birth control, no-one is really talking about condoms in this case. Condoms are available on supermarket shelves, they cost less to buy, and they are known to prevent STIs – a definite medical benefit. They also require the consent of a man. The real subject of the conversation is the pill: the birth control method that women control and that women can practice with or without a man’s knowledge or consent.* The question then becomes not just should women use contraception, but should women be allowed to choose contraception on their own? There are many excellent reasons why the answer is – and should always be – yes.

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why i blog
an instrospective about why i write on the online
by erik lars myers (@TopFermented)
topic: writing
10.17.11 • CLASSIC

This past week I published a piece on my blog Top Fermented that garnered a fair amount of attention, both positive and negative. I expected a backlash. I knew that many would disagree with me, but I was happy to see that many people also agreed, and equally as happy to see that some who disagreed took the time to reasonably state their cases against mine.

It's honestly made me wonder - why the hell do I bother?

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the elevator superhero
captain america goes to portland
by jeff miller (@jmillerboston)
topic: pop culture
4.20.12 • CLASSIC

The morning we're leaving for our family trip to Portland, Maine, my son discovers one of the hiding places where I've (obviously) failed to conceal an open Amazon box containing two kick ass 10" Marvel action figures. Through the open cardboard flap, he spies a Captain America shield, barely visible through the packaging - but it's enough to send him flying down the stairs yelling "DADDY DADDY I SEE CAPTUM ANMERICA CAN I HAVE HIM!?

He's three this month, and there's just no postponing gratification - birthday or not - when a toy of this caliber is unearthed. If he'd dug a little deeper, he would've seen the brain-melting awesomeness of the accompanying Iron Man figure. Luckily, I get to save that one for his big day.

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