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stop blaming bush
let's talk about the real problem
by joe procopio (@jproco)
topic: sports
10.1.10 • CLASSIC

What I did to you just now was wrong, and I admit that. And even though I usually can't stand this excuse, it wasn't my fault. Blame it on the system. If I have to bend the rules and use subterfuge to get ahead in this sea of Internet noise, then so be it, because everyone else is doing it. Sure, I can be expected to operate at a huge disadvantage under rules that no one else is following and ultimately put everything I've got out there for the satisfaction of everyone except me. I can do tha

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holding out for a non-hero
it's a bird! it's a plane! it's a huge mistake!
by jael mchenry (@JaelMcHenry)
topic: film
5.4.07 • CLASSIC

I can't quite describe the feeling I got when I heard Edward Norton had been cast as The Incredible Hulk. I can do it in words, kind of: my first flash of thought was "What??", the second was, "No, seriously, what??", and the third was, "Ohhhhhh, Ed." Oh, wait. Disappointment. That's the feeling. Why I should be so disappointed in a choice made by someone I don't know, someone I've never met, someone whose life will never intersect with mine, that's a little harder to explain. There are onl

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and your little dog, too
in defense of the deliberately petless
by adam kraemer (@DryWryBred)
topic: humor
4.12.10 • CLASSIC

I live alone. Really alone. For the past two years, give or take, I haven't had a roommate or a housemate, marking the first time that's happened since October 10, 1974. I've been meaning to get a plant. And, barring the absence of a significant other, I love it. I love coming home and having no one to answer to. I love that I can veg out to the TV for hours at a time and let the world drift away. I love that I can let mail pile up on the kitchen table if I so desire. And I love that on those

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whose concept of conception?
a mother-to-be questions the church's position
by michelle von euw
topic: general
3.8.10 • CLASSIC

Dear United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, It’s not a secret that we haven’t been very close lately. We haven’t exactly seen eye to eye on a variety of issues, dating all the way back to the middle ages (for you) and the second grade (for me), when I asked why a woman priest couldn’t give me my first communion. For the first three decades of my life, I struggled to find some sort of middle ground between what you often said, and what I considered to be a purer interpretation of the te

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office face
keeping yourself to yourself
by mike julianelle
topic: humor
9.11.09 • CLASSIC

I have this friend. He’s a good guy, great, off-the-wall sense of humor. Zany, even, like a cut-up from an 80s movie, or that guy in the Six Flags commercials. But when you call him at work, he turns into Spock. Or a pod person. Either way, it's suddenly like talking to Leonard Nimoy. I get it. He’s at work so he tones things down. That’s normal, especially if you’re in a senior position. Can’t be acting like Mahoney when you're running things at a financial firm. Most jobs require a certain

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monkey me, monkey you
the serious matter of bad manners
by tracey l. kelley (@TraceyLKelley)
topic: general
9.29.08 • CLASSIC

The rabbi at the deli said, “You know what’s wrong with our world today? It’s all about me. Not you -- me. We’ve become too self-absorbed and we will suffer because of this.” I paid extra for a side of potato salad with my turkey and veggies on pumpernickel, but this insightful perspective was bechinam. There's real truth to his observation. Every day, I see examples of one-man-kind, not humankind. Few things spark my anger more quickly than someone berating a child in public, a

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the don of slurs
another talk radio legend goes too far
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)
topic: news
4.13.07 • CLASSIC

It was just a game. A championship game, but still, just a game. The fate had been long decided and the victor -- Tennessee’s storied women’s team -- and their victim, their counterparts from Rutgers, had returned to their respective campuses to commemorate their successful seasons. The sudden act of bigotry came without warning, without provocation, as sudden acts of bigotry usually do. Another group of white dudes primarily acclaimed for saying any crazy thing that enters their heads. In the

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woe the big 3
automakers want a bailout, but why should they get one?
by jeffrey d. walker
topic: news
12.12.08 • CLASSIC

I like cars. I even like movies centered around cars, i.e.: Gone in 60 Seconds, Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball Run, Vanishing Point, Days of Thunder and The Fast and the Furious. I also like politics. You aren't bestowed the title of "chief white house correspondent" for nothing around here. So when the Big 3 automakers are on Capital Hill, you know I'm watching. The request for money by the Big 3 was broken up into two trips, the first summarized like this: Carmakers: We need a financ

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this is my last peeve, people
and y'all are stepping all over it
by maigen thomas (@Maigen)
topic: general
1.25.08 • CLASSIC

It's been a while since I've been home to Charlotte, North Carolina. Since I've been happily living in the lovely Vancouver, BC, I wouldn't say I've missed my hometown, except that almost all of my family lives here... Surprisingly, this isn't about my family. This is about all the REST of the people in ever-expanding, ever-swelling gem of a city. The people who are getting on my nerves. The first ones to go in the event that I ever got my wish and were able to blink people out of existence

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is enough indeed enough?
an open letter to roman polanski
by alex b (@Lexistential)
topic: news
5.21.10 • CLASSIC

Dear Mr. Polanski, Although I haven't seen most of your movies, you had me at Death and the Maiden. You made a huge impression on my then-eighteen year-old mind, for I've never forgotten the intense, confrontational tone of your film. However, with how I generally remember your name, I think you would have liked me better if I was underage- then and now. Though your 1977 transgression occurred long, long ago, your name is back in the news because of a freshly revealed instance of past misc

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from blog to book
an interview with sarah wendell
by sarah ficke (@DameMystery)
topic: writing
7.22.09 • CLASSIC

We here at Intrepid are fans of the internet (shocking, I know). Not only has it brought us Beer Mapping and Cat Yodeling, but it has also - more than anything else - changed the relationship between readers and writers, challenging both groups to redefine themselves in terms of a new medium. With this new medium have come new opportunities for reading, writing, promoting, and interacting with other readers and writers. No-one knows the power of this new medium better than Sarah Wendell and Can

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shopping around the beltway
a look at the men's side of women's sizing
by erik lars myers (@TopFermented)
topic: humor
2.16.07 • CLASSIC

There I was: At home, walking nonchalantly across my living room when tragedy struck. Contrary to what you may think, tragedy doesn't always strike with a gong, or a boom, or even an ominous flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. In this case, tragedy had more of a soft "fwip" as my belt broke in half while I was taking it off -- which meant it was time to shop for a new one. Up until that point, I'd bought 3 belts in my life. The first was some belt I bought in K-Mart, maybe Ames, pos

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who moved my chi?
finding my way back to inner peace
by heather m. millen
topic: general
4.23.08 • CLASSIC

I'm an incredibly organized person. I keep an "Infamous To Do List" that is updated daily and nothing gives me greater pleasure than checking off items. I like clean surfaces and carefully arranged closets. Clothes belong in a chest of drawers, not the floor of my bedroom. I have boxes and drawers and baskets, all to better organize my life... and my husband's life if he would only listen to me and STOP LEAVING ALL THAT CRAP ON THE DESK! When something is lost in the house, it's inevitably

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slimed by digital ectoplasm
by jeff miller (@jmillerboston)
topic: pop culture
3.14.12 • CLASSIC

Man, I've worked with some really fantastic people. People I'm proud to call friends 20 years later; folks I hope to know for many years to come. Others, despite our natural chemistry and the sharing of a thousand pizzas and coffees and cigarettes (I've since quit), I keep only in my memory, for whatever inexplicable reasons people have for maintaining distance in the face of friendship.

But then sometimes – and it's a fortunate rarity – there are people I just want to forget completely. Inevitable adversaries that've had such an ill effect on my psyche, I not only want them out of my life, I want any residual smears of negative energy they’ve left in my airspace GONE. FOREVER. The idea that they might irrevocably occupy some part of my brain is not only depressing, it’s offensive. All I want is for their memory to just...peter away, down the drain of my subconscious, and with any luck...poof! Gone.

“TOO BAD!” say Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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