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death of an icon
purgatory and the mobile lifestyle
by joe procopio (@jproco)
topic: tech
5.3.10 • CLASSIC

You know a column is going to be GREAT when it starts out with apologies. Disclaimer #1: No one died. I'm sorry for exposing you to the sloppy practice of luring you in with an out-of-context title. I know that if you were on Google searching for an edge in Celebrity Death Bingo and have now wasted up to 20 seconds of your life reading an article on what you thought was a website called Intrepid Medical, you're probably all cheesed at my sleight of hand. No, we don't do that here, we're total

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that ends well
best and worst tv series finales of the 2000s
by jael mchenry (@JaelMcHenry)
topic: television
5.5.10 • CLASSIC

A discussion of best TV series finales always turns to the whiplash classics, the ones that change everything that came before. "St. Elsewhere", for example, or "Newhart." ("It was all a dream!") A discussion of the worst ones always turns, well, to "Seinfeld." Welcome to the month of May, when we're bound to see new examples of both, the worst and the best. Expectations are riding especially high this year with the upcoming series finale of "Lost", a show that has always had a history of answ

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listen, i'm not joking. this is my job!
dammit, jim, i'm an editor, not a monkey
by adam kraemer (@DryWryBred)
topic: writing
12.5.08 • CLASSIC

For those of you who don't know, I started a new job a couple of months ago. (cue cheers, applause, streamers, live animal sacrifices) After a brief sojourn into the exciting world of copying and pasting, I am once again a copy editor, this time correcting style and grammar for a pharmaceutical advertising agency. This means that I've started to return to the "notice every typo all the time" mindset. Which, last time around, really annoyed my friends when they sent me e-mails. Or it might jus

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yes, we can (watch it from the couch)
why to avoid the inauguration madness
by michelle von euw
topic: news
1.9.09 • CLASSIC

If you’re reading this outside the nation’s capital, I have some advice for you: stay there. I don’t mean always. Of course we would love to have you visit, and if you’re a Red Sox fan, we’ll happily welcome you to Washington on June 23, 24, or 25 for Boston’s first-ever series here against the Nationals, but it's best not to be here for the Presidential Inauguration. Seriously. Stay home. I promise you, you’ll have a much better view of President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama and

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the parent trap
buried with children
by mike julianelle
topic: humor
7.7.10 • CLASSIC

I know, I know. What do I have to complain about? I’m not the one with a creature growing in my belly, stretching my body, stressing my muscles, assaulting my hormones, eliminating my wardrobe, preventing me from drinking, stopping me from bending over, forcing me to sleep in uncomfortable positions, preventing me from drinking, causing heartburn and indigestion, poking at my skin from the inside, making an already uncomfortable summer even more uncomfortable, preventing me from drinking and so

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writing in polka dots and plaid
taking inspiration from project runway
by tracey l. kelley (@TraceyLKelley)
topic: television
10.27.10 • CLASSIC

NOTE: If you have not watched any of "Project Runway" Season 8, know this column contains spoilers. Come back and read it after you've watched the finale! I totally suck at sewing. Oh sure, I can reattach a button and quick stitch a small tear. But that is, quite simply, the range of my needle and thread abilities. I don't know how to work a sewing machine. I don't crochet. I don't knit. It's embarrassing to admit how many pieces of clothing I've given to my mother-in-law for repair. My siste

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a tale of two sidneys
poitier's quiet, classy revolution
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)
topic: film
10.13.10 • CLASSIC

Being the first black anything is a lonely job. I saw Sidney Poitier’s freewheeling, all-star, all-black comedy Uptown Saturday Night often as a child. So I was a little confused a few years later, when Poitier was presented to me, catering to a bunch of dizzy white nuns in the film adaptation of Lilies of the Field in my eighth grade English class. He was the only black person in the movie and I was the only black male in my English class, and I actually felt embarrassed for him, and then fo

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facing a bump
vouchers offered by continental airlines are the real deal
by jeffrey d. walker
topic: general
1.18.12 • CLASSIC

It’s one of those things that you fear when traveling by airplane. You’re headed through the terminal to your gate, and you’re looking at the screens. Departures… departures… check flight number…

On time is what it said when we got to Cleveland on December 28th, headed back from Christmas with my in-laws, me, my wife, and our 8 month old. And then...

”Ladies and Gentlemen waiting for service to Ithaca…”

The plane we were supposed to fly on was… I don’t know exactly. Not available; crashed; on fire; filled with snakes. I don’t know – the staff always seems to say things to try to keep you calm, like that you’ll be moving in “about half an hour” [See "30 Rock", Season 5, Episode 14: "Double-Edged Sword"]. The problem was that the plane they were going to replace our original plane with had 11 fewer seats, and that they were “looking” for 11 people to volunteer to take another flight since the first was full.

It was snowing. No one was volunteering. Worse, we had not been seated together as a family on the original flight, and Linus and my wife were seated in an “exit row”, where they could not be since he's and infant. All in all, the situation made me nervous.

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i don't know what's wrong with me
but i bet it's hard to pronounce
by maigen thomas (@Maigen)
topic: general
5.24.10 • CLASSIC

I took off from the airport on an evening not long ago knowing something was wrong. Oh, nothing was wrong with the plane, it was a beautiful lift off and gentle bank over the baseball game currently in progress below. I had just felt something deep in my heart hurt, and I didn't know what it was. After the first tear dropped down my cheek, despite my best efforts to hold it in, the deluge started. All through boarding I cried, without shame or caring that my fellow passengers were all passin

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how do i mourn a villain?
processing the passing of a polarizing relative
by alex b (@Lexistential)
topic: writing
3.17.11 • CLASSIC

At this moment, I'm horrified. This past evening, my father told me that my aunt— my mother's sister— is dead. She didn't die of natural causes or any accidental circumstance, but chose to kill herself by jumping off her balcony from the 17th floor of her posh Manila condo. I am speechless. As I try to come to grips with the news of my aunt's suicide, I am stunted. In life, my aunt was a polarizing figure. Over the years, she successively acquired a slew of negative identities: the wife who

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a part of our speech
by sarah ficke (@DameMystery)
topic: news
4.16.12 • CLASSIC

Loving: Noun
Loving begins as a noun, but not just any noun. Loving is a personal noun; it is something we experience only through the prism of ourselves. We can’t point to the source of love, diagram its location, or dissect it from our body, and yet it is there. Loving is also a noun in the stricter sense: Richard Loving, a white man born in Caroline County, Virginia, in 1933.

Loving: Verb
Loving may begin as a noun, but we know it best as a verb. We recognize love only because we see it in action: caring, sharing, laughing, kissing, touching, soothing, healing, helping, grieving. These actions can shape our lives, yet we can’t trace them to a source. Love – of nature, of creatures, of music – is a mystery in the abstract, but vibrant in reality. Something happens in your spirit, your physical heart might thump, your nerves might jitter, and suddenly that potential for love comes out into the open. That kind of spark caught Richard Loving (noun: white) and Mildred Jeter (noun: black) and whirled them into action. They were loving each other, and – as it always does – that love was shaping their lives.

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love a fair
why i love typos
by erik lars myers (@TopFermented)
topic: writing
6.22.09 • CLASSIC

Confession time: I love typos and misspellings. Don't get me wrong. They have no place in the real written word. They don't belong in books, newspapers, blogs, news articles, or any place where the author wants to be taken even halfway seriously. But, oh, thank god for the internet. Facebook and Twitter, those two magical huge social networking devices, provide me with an endless supply all on their own. The internet and cell phones with their infuriating number-pad, "Just press 5556665551

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constant craving
*the secret* to success
by heather m. millen
topic: humor
8.27.08 • CLASSIC

The other day I was sitting at my desk. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon, the day had been a bit stressful and I was greatly in need of a tiny token of relief. Suddenly, I realized that all my soul craved was a cookie. I don't eat cookies very often but who am I to judge what my soul desires? My husband happened to call and I said aloud and with conviction: "I really want a cookie." Ask. Cookies are good. I used to make cookies with my grandmother. She made these amazing little thumbp

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future tenz
the sexier decade ahead
by jeff miller (@jmillerboston)
topic: pop culture
1.6.10 • CLASSIC

In The Tenz, we fly in hovercars fueled by laughter and rock n' roll. We've adopted a single global language, which is a hybrid of all known languages with a sprinkle of jazz theory. Consequently we're all getting along much better, and everybody can dance. Moral and religious disputes have gone the way of Disco, praise Gawd. World peace sets the stage for tolerance, innovation, and a new cultural renaissance. Creativity and intelligence are valued over celebrity and convenience. Our elected le

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Too short. Sigh. Thanks Maigen. I just miss him. I am glad that I can find people who cared deeply for him here. He had such good friends here!...


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