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why i broke up with netflix
the beginning of the end
by joe procopio (@jproco)
topic: pop culture
9.2.11 • CLASSIC

So I dumped Netflix a couple days ago. It wasn’t much of a big deal. The woman on the other end of the line was very understanding, somewhat apologetic, and even a little cheerful throughout the entire ordeal, which lasted maybe 90 seconds.

Although I like to imagine she slammed the phone down and then went on her break to hatch an elaborate plan to stalk me and eventually win me back.

With poetry.

But it didn’t go down like that at all. There were no histrionics. And conversely, I didn’t go out in a blaze of rage. Deep in my heart-of-hearts, I still love Netflix, and I’m already going through withdrawal.

Maybe, once all this blows over, we’ll end up together again when I realize I can’t live without the comfort of having movies to come home to every night.

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the stationed agents
the third annual agent blog roundup
by jael mchenry (@JaelMcHenry)
topic: writing
12.3.08 • CLASSIC

To start, a big fat disclaimer: I’m not going to pretend to know what’s going on in publishing right now. Nobody should. The economy is having ripple effects everywhere, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt set everyone screaming by announcing they weren’t acquiring books for a while (though it’s not entirely true), and bookstores are panicking in new and interesting ways beyond their usual panicking. Even the people who know don’t know what’s coming. So. If you’re a novelist who hopes to one day see your

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shut up! sit down!
sometimes sharing is not caring
by adam kraemer (@DryWryBred)
topic: pop culture
1.12.09 • CLASSIC

As I was reading the latest issue of Time Out New York (thanks, mom!) on the subway this morning, I turned to an article called something like, "What Your Trainer Is Really Thinking." It was basically the results of a poll the TONY people took among personal trainers in NYC. I won't not bore you with the details, but I did notice one question regarding what people tell their trainers (similar, they said, to what people tell their bartenders or hairdressers). And I quote: That their balls were t

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ten tracks
my mind in music
by michelle von euw
topic: music
6.11.07 • CLASSIC

I get my best ideas when my brain and my body are as far away from a computer keyboard as possible. Up to my waist in sea water, a rocky beach behind me and a stretch of blue/green/white endlessly reaching out before me. My limbs moving faster than they should on a treadmill, my face red, the hollow of my lower back collecting sweat, my focus on my heart rate and my slipping sports bra and the Sportscenter highlights on the television above me and the speed at which the red numbers flip forwar

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quality control
parental guidance is required
by mike julianelle
topic: pop culture
1.12.11 • CLASSIC

One of my friends sent me an amazing Christmas gift – an Omar bib. It’s ostensibly for my baby, but since my ignorant son has no awareness of the “The Wire," let alone any idea who Omar is, the gift was clearly more for me. Besides, a piece of art like this is not meant to mop up drool. But I did hazard a few pictures of my son wearing it. The soon-to-be-framed bib got me thinking. One of the aspects of being a dad that I’m most excited about is the opportunity to share my favorite things wi

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don't dare spotlight the dark corners
what the glaring focus of political satire can reveal
by tracey l. kelley (@TraceyLKelley)
topic: news
11.28.11 • CLASSIC

I am no fan of Republican presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann's perspective or posturing. My personal opinion is she appears to be an individual with myopic, bigoted views and sketchy credentials who adds quicksand to the current political quagmire. But Bachmann hasn't done anything to me directly. Nor am I a political satirist. Thus, if I met her at a rally or fundraiser, or interviewed her for this column, I would treat her with the common decency one human being extends to another.

The hoopla surrounding Bachmann's recent appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" is an interesting study of the trials of a public figure. Bachmann is willing to do everything she has to in order to gain publicity for her book, her candidacy, and her various interests. There's a certain aspect of give and take celebrities or politicos have to put up with if they want such attention.

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the ten albums that changed my life
r.i.p. record albums 1909-2009
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)
topic: music
12.21.07 • CLASSIC

10. Rio (Duran Duran, released 5/10/83) Was Duran Duran the best male pop band of the 1980s? Probably not. But they were the best looking, their videos were the most adventurous and they had the catchiest songs -- even if none of them made any sense. I have just described everything that mattered in the '80s. The three-headed Taylor crew (drummer Roger, guitarists Andy and John), androgynous synth wiz Nick Rhodes, and charismatic front man Simon LeBon were focused and ready to take over the wor

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finding the line between young and old
read at your own risk, because once you get it, you might know you're old, too
by jeffrey d. walker
topic: humor
9.14.12 • CLASSIC

It is an undeniable truth harbored by the young: getting old is not cool! “I don’t want to grow up” is more than just a slogan for “Toys ‘R’ Us”; young people tend to believe that old people are generally boring, and do boring things, and talk about boring stuff. And most any kid, even if they love their parents and grandparents, both fear and loathe the idea of becoming old themselves.

Of course, kids desire all of the stuff that comes with being grown up, like having their own place, the ability to drive, income, and beer. That stuff is pretty cool, but actually becoming older is not. Because being old is. not. cool.

At least, that's what young people would say. It's nice to know now what idiots kids are.

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sir, you have entirely too much baggage
either pack your therapist or learn to pack light.
by maigen thomas (@Maigen)
topic: pop culture
9.26.11 • CLASSIC

On a recent transcontinental flight, in between offering First Class a pre-departure beverage and greeting the shuffling masses, I had to keep one eye open for people and their drama. I mean baggage.

I shouldn't have to be the Bag Nazi. I'd much rather be nice to you, I truly would. It gives me wrinkles when I have to frown at you, admonish you, tell you to turn your phone off for the seventh time, ask you to please bring your seat up, request that you please hurry up and step out of the aisle, etc. I'd like to avoid that additional early aging if I could.

But the bag situation, well, it's getting out of hand.

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life sans an iphone
a strangely positive end to my apple snobbery
by alex b (@Lexistential)
topic: humor
7.20.11 • CLASSIC

For the last two years, I've been a smartphone user. I've been a satisfied user of an Apple iPhone 3G, and considered it pretty important on a day-to-day basis to have an Internet connection. I've loved having immediate email access with the ability to check into Facebook or Twitter whenever I wanted to. All that came to a screeching halt two weeks back, when my iPhone refused to boot. At all. As I slowly comprehended that not all Apple phones are the totally perfect products their commercia

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from blog to book
an interview with sarah wendell
by sarah ficke (@DameMystery)
topic: writing
7.22.09 • CLASSIC

We here at Intrepid are fans of the internet (shocking, I know). Not only has it brought us Beer Mapping and Cat Yodeling, but it has also - more than anything else - changed the relationship between readers and writers, challenging both groups to redefine themselves in terms of a new medium. With this new medium have come new opportunities for reading, writing, promoting, and interacting with other readers and writers. No-one knows the power of this new medium better than Sarah Wendell and Can

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how the privileged get more privileges
mo' money, mo'... products?
by erik lars myers (@TopFermented)
topic: pop culture
5.22.09 • CLASSIC

You're probably familiar with artists working outside their genre. You see it most often when it comes to singers acting (Madonna, Kid'n'Play, Britney, Beyonce, etc.), or actors singing (Scarlett Johanssen, Keanu Reeves, Russell Crowe, William Shatner), or Paris Hilton speaking. Occasionally, however, you'll see celebrities getting into other areas. In many cases, it's a self-promotion and marketing strategy, like you see with the dozens of celebrity endorsed fragrances. Until recently, I

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constant craving
*the secret* to success
by heather m. millen
topic: humor
8.27.08 • CLASSIC

The other day I was sitting at my desk. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon, the day had been a bit stressful and I was greatly in need of a tiny token of relief. Suddenly, I realized that all my soul craved was a cookie. I don't eat cookies very often but who am I to judge what my soul desires? My husband happened to call and I said aloud and with conviction: "I really want a cookie." Ask. Cookies are good. I used to make cookies with my grandmother. She made these amazing little thumbp

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future tenz
the sexier decade ahead
by jeff miller (@jmillerboston)
topic: pop culture
1.6.10 • CLASSIC

In The Tenz, we fly in hovercars fueled by laughter and rock n' roll. We've adopted a single global language, which is a hybrid of all known languages with a sprinkle of jazz theory. Consequently we're all getting along much better, and everybody can dance. Moral and religious disputes have gone the way of Disco, praise Gawd. World peace sets the stage for tolerance, innovation, and a new cultural renaissance. Creativity and intelligence are valued over celebrity and convenience. Our elected le

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