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good vibrations
~ everything is energy
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

Everything in the entirety of the Universe as we understand it, and the rest that we do not, is made up of energy. It is energy that is GodSpirit through in and throughout. Everything therefore is GodSpirit. So if GodSpirit is good, right and true then how can what we call “bad” exist? “Bad”, “wrong” and “evil” are all of man’s creation, not God’s. If all of everything is God than how can anything be created from man that is not GodSpirit to start with?

It is here that “free choice” and “free will” begin. It is in the place within man where free will and free choice exist, which were intended to be the gift’s of the Creator, that we are to choose to use our gifts and talents to better the world and expand all goodness throughout.

It is when we shut down our bodies, minds and spirits to the Great Holy Spirit of Creation that we create a void that will become a vacuum for other energies to flow in. The tendency is for a lower vibrational energy to move toward the higher, but this only serves to lower the overall vibration if one is not careful to keep the original vibration high enough. Our hearts are originally, upon creation, of goodness, light and love and therefore will draw in lower vibrations which are contradictory to the light of Spirit. These lower energies are able to be sustained because they have moved into a space that is of a higher vibration; then the lower vibration shifts the higher energy vibration down to its own lower vibration.

We have all experienced this when there is a group of happy people and someone enters the space who is down or depressed, we can all feel the entirety of the vibration in the room and in each person downshift. The depressed person becomes a “downer” for every vibration within that space even though that person’s original intention may have been to move towards higher vibrations.

It is the same with any “collection” of energy of any particular vibration, frequency, density, or velocity. Energy is constantly shifting and changing; and in a world where there is so much fear, higher, happier vibrations are easily overtaken, and it becomes harder to sustain them. However it is lovely to think that the children of the 1960’s “planted the seeds” of peace, love, and harmony, and those very seeds have grown despite all the deteriorating Earthly conditions, and now are bursting forth into beautiful blooms, in time for those very children; the “amethyst” children, the seed planters, to retire into. All their hard work, all their long years of holding to their faith and belief in a peaceful ideology, as a collective, have held their dreams “suspended” in the ‘karmic field’ that is added to every time anyone puts out any positive energy towards the same. Like attracts like; it is basic physics and truly that simple. And those positive vibrations of those hopes and dreams, have been suspended in the ‘karmic net’ and have been collecting and gaining more energy, power and momentum. Now, they are blooming into fruition, as originally intended by our Creator.

The same goes for illness, sickness and dis-ease. If the energetic vibrations of our bodies are not high enough then lower vibrations will take over and drag our higher vibrations down and it is here that we become more vulnerable to dis-ease in all its forms and types.

Our “Health and Wellness”, “Natural” and “Organic” industries tout their products with an overall generally higher nutritional quality for various reasons, everything from pesticide free produce, essential oils, to bio-degradable products of all kinds. None, however, focus on the vibrational quality of “frequency” of these products. All we have to do is walk into a health food store and one can feel the shift to a higher vibration already, and that alone makes us feel better. A better atmosphere, better food and smells, music and the appropriate lighting makes us feel better. We all know a day in the sunshine and fresh air does wonders for our spirits.

All energy is in constant vibrating status, of one frequency, level, density, and velocity. Therefore, there is nothing that exists that is not made of energy that is vibrating. If energy in one form or another is not present, then there is nothingness and thus a void. There can not even be what we consider to be darkness, because darkness is simply the absence of light. Here on Earth, where there is natural gravitational and magnetic fields, these fields hold together all energetic matter, in a “bubble” like a terrarium that is the Earth’s atmosphere.

Within the atmosphere, there is a constancy of energy in all its varied forms that make up the living, breathing micro and macrocosms that are the complete and totality of the “web of life”. The entirety of the Earth and all Her inhabitants are vibrating, individually and as a total collective “symphony”. However, now that intended symphony of our illustrious Creator is extremely discordant.

Within that web there is constant life form; therefore, a constant vibration being created at all moments in time within that existence. Simultaneously, there is a constant fading away of other vibrations as things die off. The vibrational web is constantly shifting and changing, being added to and taken away from; nonetheless, a enormous organism in and of itself, living and breathing. Bet you never thought of the web of life in that fashion before!
If all energy is vibrating, then everything can be ranked according to vibrational level. This is what all electronic devices are based upon; transmitting and receiving in accordance to particular vibrational levels. This gives us the various channels that we are able to tap into in order to receive what is being transmitted. All transmissions and receptions are based upon vibrational levels of energy and the ability to send and receive certain frequencies. It is the same for all living forms; by nature of their very living existence, they are vibrating energy and therefore transmitting and receiving energies to and from around them, whether or not they are even aware of it.
The same is true for the human body, which in good health and well-being, vibrates at approximately 68 - 75 MHz (Megahertz). This maintains the overall working systems within a proper and healthy range of vibration that is required for the body to be in harmony with and in a state of happiness and well-being. There are many factors, however, that impact the ultimate vibrational level and dis-ease begins at 58 MHz.

This was tested as two 26 year old males, each measuring 66 MHz, were compared. One male held a cup of coffee without drinking it and his frequency dropped to 58 MHz in 3 seconds. The other took a sip of the coffee and his frequency dropped to 52 MHz in 3 seconds. The first individual after holding the coffee inhaled an essential oil and his frequency returned to 66 MHz in 21 seconds. The other male did not use anything to raise his vibrational frequency and it took 3 days for his frequency to return to 66 MHz. It makes one wonder about society’s current “obsession” with coffee!

This is not hard to understand. We know from personal experience that when we are around anything or anyone that is at a lower frequency, it impacts us almost immediately and makes us feel less than we were beforehand. We refer to these things as “bummers” or “downers”. Likewise it is not enjoyable to be around someone who is depressed, sad or upset all the time. It immediately impacts how one is feeling and drags our own vibrational frequency down.

The lower frequencies are heavier; higher frequencies are lighter. And, recreational drug use is at an all time “high” with individuals, whether conscious of it or not, attempting to raise their vibrational level higher than what they feel and are surrounded by.

Today, we are seeing more and more new dis-ease; the escalation of cancers, depression and other “mental” dis-eases, and the inability of the body to respond properly to necessary activities, like digestion, sexual stimulation, mental capabilities, and even resting states.

We are seeing children who cannot sit still in the classroom, or maintain a focused activity. We slap a label on them, “classify” them as “ADD” or “ADHD” and then “dope” them up on a medication like Ritalin in our efforts to “control” them. We do not understand that we are now dealing with higher frequency individuals who are of a higher energetic quality, and that trying to “control” them is doing them a grave injustice. We are approaching these issues inappropriately, due to our inability to “see” the truth of the matter. We need to approach these individuals with great care and understanding and let them lead…. They are the ones who know themselves best and we are not “asking” them but rather, “telling” them how they need to be according to our antiquated precepts of social behavior…. the problems arise when we do not recognize that our precepts are outdated and ineffectual with these individuals who are on a faster evolutionary pace. They are not “wrong” for this as our societies have made them!
We are seeing men, and now woman, who have “sexual dysfunction”, and we prescribe Viagra and believe this will “solve” the problem. But what is the cause, what is the true problem? Individuals who get “high” know that when they get high they also experience an increase in sexual desire. A higher vibration seems to stimulate sexual libido and can render sexual “dysfunction” nonexistent.

We are seeing more and more people with “mental dis-orders” and we diagnose them with “bi-polar”, “manic depressive” or “schizophrenic” dis-ease. And our medical systems send out letters to those people saying “We have resources available to help you COPE with your mental disease......” To “cope” is not to thrive; it is the implication that we are barely surviving let alone thriving. However well intended, we continue to approach these issues in a backward fashion…. merely addressing and treating the symptoms, not the root cause, which we clearly do not even understand. Yet, all we have to do is step back far enough to view from a global whole in order for the truth to begin to come into the light.

So what is the source of all this dis-ease? Even 20 years ago we did not see the levels of dis-ease that we are seeing now, except in occasional great epidemic outbreaks necessary to control populations and “weed out” the “unfit” in order for survival of the fittest to continue as intended upon creation. One hundred years ago, depression, and sexual dysfunction, let alone the cancer outbreaks and other dis-eases like ADD, ADHD, AIDS or SARS simply did not exist. So what is going on to cause this? What is causing an environment in which all these low vibrational diseases are able to survive and mutate, ever increasing? We have come to view our world, as toxic…. it is! Just as we have polluted the planet carelessly, now our environment is polluting us. What we create around us, is what we become. Our environment is sick and so are we because of it!

Dis-ease in the body cannot exist if the body maintains a vibrational level of 68 MHz or above. So for dis-ease in any form to be able to enter and survive within the body the vibrational level of the body or a part of the body has to drop to a lower level. So what causes the level within the body to drop in order to “host” a lower level of vibration that contributes to the breakdown of the body, instead of elevating it into a higher “state of well-being”?
There are several sources of lower vibrations entering and being able to stay within the body.

First, if our intake, through nutrition, food or drink, environment, or resonance with surrounding individuals is of a lower vibration than what is within “normal range” for our system, we feel it almost immediately. We know that alcohol is a depressive, and within two-three drinks, we can begin to see behavior shift, usually for the worst, with our ability to be cognitive decreasing substantially. The same happens with certain drugs. Ritalin is the perfect example. We believe it helps the child to “calm down”, but in reality, it creates a lower vibrational level, that only suppresses brain activity, that is not only necessary, but critical for the normal complete functioning of that particular individual. The very children who we are seeing this in, are those children whom we are now recognizing as the “Indigo children”, in reality “Crystalline”, and they are the next step up in human evolution. This is NOT to be suppressed in any way, but rather should be being encouraged, fostered, nurtured and supported in any and all ways possible, and necessary for the proper advancement of growth and expansion of that person’s spirit, and ultimately the human raced at large. There will have to be new and different ideas about how to proceed with children who have been given a “higher purpose” through the Creator in order to better our world. Health care “specialists” are doing the exact opposite by suppressing these children and trying to control them. They are not to be “controlled” but rather should be treated and viewed as those individuals who are here with new, different and exciting ideas about how to make the necessary changes to evolve and shift the planet back towards, a higher vibration in totality. These children are of a higher vibrational level, and we, with our “medical marvels” are taking them down! We are suppressing them and denying them their inspiration and creative passion and desire to fulfill their own personal life purpose. No one has the right to do this to another being, especially in our “ignorance” and lack of understanding the truth! This is a grave injustice through ignorance!

It has taken 100 years for our “professionals” to even recognize these children. This does not lend much confidence in their abilities to “diagnose” the true source of the problem. In the interim, we have now evolved through the “Indigos”, the “Amethyst”, and are now seeing the “Crystalline” or “Rainbow” children. And, most parents by now are seeing and “re-cognizing” that their particular child is not only unusually bright and smart for “their age standards”, as classified by our “systems”, but they have noticed that their child seems to know things before they were even taught to them. The child “came in” knowing the information. Yes, this is true. These children are of the highest evolution and vibrational level of human being ever to exist before. They come in with a more highly evolved brain, in order to access more of the “collective unconsciousness”, or the information that is stored in the ‘Universal Akashic Karmic Records’, or more simply “God’s Brain” that is the sum totality of all known information and activity ever, that is of the Creator’s origin.

Our environment, we know, is not only of substantial importance, for us personally, but globally for the entirety of the whole of living beings, the Earth Herself included. We have wallowed around miserably in the mysteries of the world, solving near none. Now, Spirit shall try another way, the way of revealing, the revelations during this time of revolution. Yes, the world is turning, unlike any way before.

Since the advent of WWI, we begin to develop weapons of mass destruction, by which we could kill each other from a distance, without having to look into the “whites of their eyes” before killing a person, which made it much easier and without consciousness. It became “anonymous”, but the problem was, that the individual who pushes the button or pulls the trigger still has the ‘blood karma’ on their hands, and in the case of large killing machines, the more blood spilt, the more karma immediately attached to the person who does the “deed” and this immediately takes a toll on the vibrational frequency of that individual, often surrounding those individuals for some time to come until the “karmic scales” can be balanced. This is an impact that is rarely recovered from and has been made clear to society through our veterans, especially from Vietnam because of their vocal presence. Most of these people who go to war never recover their full vibrancy and spend the rest of their lives in a “less than” state, regardless of the situation or environment they return to. What they have experienced has impacted them profoundly, and literally stolen aspects of their spirit. The karmic impact is of the deepest impact; it is stored in the body in the bone marrow, and furthermore, alters the DNA genetic material and makeup with an vibrational “imprint” of the trauma “event” permanently lowering the original intention for the genetic makeup for that individual as intended by Creator at birth for the rest of the life of that body, so that it never again is able to produce the original genetic coding the same way. They become a “mutant” of their original encoding and therefore, not of the evolution upward for survival of the species. What would ever make us think, as humans that we are somehow, above, immune, call it what you will, evolution at large. If we are not of the highest regard, then we will not survive… period! It is that simple. The “imprint” or impact, by virtue of its presence within the body, creates a variation of the original genetic code only now, with a lower frequency encoding. And ultimately, the individual’s health and well-being suffer thereafter for the rest of their life unless specific attention is obtained to “drop out” the imprint on the DNA structure of the cells. This can and is being done, and restoration to “original intent of Creator” is possible and can be ultimately achieved. I have had great success with this very thing and I have seen a profound restoration of spirit in young men who have returned from war

The same scenario is true for other events we may experience in our lives. Killing, raping, all hostile and violent acts, including verbal and psychic attacks, can remain forever with the assaulted individual and ultimately lower their possible natural vibrational frequency forever. And it is often these subjected individuals who we see in society as having the biggest problems and gravitate towards the very acts and abuse in any form that they were subjected to and imprinted with, in an attempt to escape the way they feel naturally in their environment. The imprinted vibrations can and do take over and can monopolize that person in many ways, throughout all aspects of the human body; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and karmically. We are not understanding what dynamic is taking place on a genetic level in individual’s we deem as “ill”, and thus diagnose them improperly, treating them improperly as well. We need to approach this from another perspective, taking into consideration all aspects of the body holistically! It is not appropriate to just treat the physical symptoms… this is just a “band-aid” and does not address the root of the problem.

We can also apply this to the whole of the world. When we began killing en mass, the infinite wisdom of our Creator began to see that we were beginning to decline as beings if we were now creating such mass destruction of not only other beings, but the Earth itself as well. This is about the same time that what we now classify as the “Indigos” began to come in..... this means that every human being upon the planet is now of the next step up in human evolution at least... yet we continue to “decline” and many wars since have ensued. War, in and of its very nature, creates a very strong vibrational field of fear. As wars have continued to rage over the past century, with events like the Great Depression, Recessions, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and acts of “terrorism” like the World Trade Center bombing, more fear has flooded the planet. We are now living in a literal “sea of fear” vibrationally, even if we do not think it is affecting our lives personally... it is, by virtue of the fact that we are in the environment of the world, at large! Add in the events and trauma of all crimes against another, and then multiply it all by all the electromagnetic fields that are now wrapping the planet in a thick blanket, literally 2-5 miles thick depending on geographical location, population density and technological sophistication.

Energies are at all times, whirling and swirling around the planet, in a constant state of the “stirring of the cauldron” and the “winds of change” have increased, as have the frequency of occurrence and magnitude of such geographical events as hurricanes, which act as giant “fans”, not unlike our own human chakras, that “blow off” and “spin out” Earthly toxins into the outer stratosphere, where they then can be eventually dissipated into the outer cosmos and neutralized as to no longer be harmful.

Other events like earthquakes, “blow off steam” from the internal pressures of the Earth. The whole of the planet is getting more and more dense.... and this of course, increases internal pressures. Earthquakes and all seismic activities including volcanoes have increased their activity in the past 30 years or so. Earthquakes have been made worse by the fact that we are taking all the oil, the natural lubricant, out of the Earth in devastating proportions. That very oil is intended as the Earth’s natural lubrication, and is there to help the movements between the tectonic plates shift more smoothly and easily. It took millions of years to create and once gone, we cannot replace it! If we remove all the lubrication, we could expect to have greater movements that are less than smooth. The Earth is becoming a “pressure cooker”.

Tsunamis and tidal waves are not only “stirred up” by seismic activity but also serve to “wash” the land.... Salt water purifies and cleanses areas that need to be “flushed out” and if we look at where these events are occurring, then we can begin to see other patterns emerge. We may not choose to view the weather patterns in this fashion, but it is the truth.

The Earth, just like each and every living being upon Her, is a living body as well.... complete with a consciousness and a voice, should anyone ever believe it possible and choose to listen. When we say things like, “the Mother groans with every birth”.... that “cliché” is cliché because it is true and the first person who “coined” the phrase, was prompted to by the voice that is the very Creator, because it needs to be heard. We say the “cliché” without truly understanding the full implications. Does it ever really register and make us stop and really think about what the implications are globally, when so many babies are born every day all over the world?

It is not a “bad” thing that babies are being born, but the quantity and rate of births is too much for the planet at this point in time with so many other varying factors that are causing the Mother to begin to literally implode under all the various weights, physical, karmic and otherwise.

Sickness and disease serve to “weed out” that which is not of the “fittest”…. and the sickness and disease we as human beings have wreaked upon the planet is only equal to that which we are experiencing within our own bodies. What we reap is what we have sown… that simple!

The increase of all the electronic devices; e.g. cell phones, television and radio, telephone/fax transmissions, air and water craft radar and sonar, satellite dish transmissions, all have worked to create a literal “net” of electricity that is blanketing and vibrating in an undulating, bulging, thick tangle of electric transmissions that are creating an enormous blanket of static.

This static is observed in phones when they crackle and breakup. Television transmission is less vulnerable, but still we can observe this as the screen collects this static. The same is true with computer monitors.... and we all have swiped our hand across the screens and felt the static electricity that has collected there. Do we stop to consider where is it collecting it from?

Every electrical device collects other energies and static that is constantly available in the air all around us. We cannot see these energies ... but there are some individuals who are now beginning to, and they look like tiny sparks from a sparkler we have on the Fourth of July. This “discharge” is beginning to take place more frequently and is the beginning signs of a possible impending dangerous situation.

This “static buildup” is increasing rapidly with proportional increase of use of electricity globally.


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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