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how to get in the zone
living the abundent life
by jane dode

I have had two passions throughout my life. The first is sports and baseball in particular. I have played in many baseball leagues every year since I was five years old. My second passion is the psychology of people, or in other words, “what makes people tick?” One day while watching a sporting event a commentator made a comment, which sparked a project in my heart, and provided me the opportunity to pursue both of my passions.
The comment this commentator made was during a professional basketball game. He stated during a game that a particular famous basketball player was, “In the zone again.” My natural curiosity and passion to discover what makes people tick and how to help them make the most of his or her potential sparked a year long research into, “how to get in the zone.”
In my research, I read biographies, autobiographies, stories, and articles on the greatest athletes in sports history. My goal was to define and discover how these athletes were able to “get in the zone.” Finally after a year of research and writing notes, I felt great satisfaction in that I had discovered every great athlete, who played his or her sport “in the zone,” shared similar experiences and personal attributes.
In my book, I call these similar experiences and attributes of these great athletes, the key factors to “get in the zone.” These key factors are quite practical so that whatever passion you may have you may easily apply these key factors to, “get in the zone” in your own pursuit of your passion.
This book may be used by any parent who desires to help his or her child live a rich, fulfilling, and successful life. This book will help a parent recognize his or her child’s passion. Also, this book will help a parent to develop and nurture his or her child’s gifts in a practical and positive manner. In the process of doing this the parent will help his or her child become the best in his or her field of work. However, for the individual who pursues his or her dreams or passion, this is not really work, but rather the pure joy and excitement of living the abundant life.
This book has been published and you may find it at lulu.com and it will soon be found at Amazon, as well as Barnes and Noble. You may purchase a very affordable download of the book also through lulu.com. I do not think you will be disappointed.


I have two books published which are based on my fascination, education, and experience in the world of psychology. I teach psychology at the University of Phoenix and I have had over 20 years experience counseling young and old people in different settings. One of my books is under an anonymous name because I reveal the deep dark secrets of the locked down acute care mental hospitals I worked at. This is my favorite book because of the variety of humor, fright and sad stories as well as the unknown politics of the mental health system. My other book How to Get in Zone was based on my personal search of what it really meant and how to get in the zone. I studied and read the biographies of th

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hank aarron
his keys to "get in the zone"
by jane dode
topic: sports
published: 6.17.10


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