9.20.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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free pants
what you can do with flash and free time
by joe procopio (@jproco)

Free Pants is a movie created with Macromedia's Flash. You must download the flash viewer component in order to view this movie. Get it here.


Joe Procopio trades in pop culture and tech culture, allowing him to poke fun at so many things. He's written for a number of online and offline publications from the late, lamented Smug to the fancy-pants Chicago Tribune and also for television. He's a novelist, a shredder, a joker, and a family man. Scoff at joeprocopio.com or follow on Twitter @jproco.

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russ carr
9.2.03 @ 9:11p

Because this demands more attention! Who'd'a thunk our little Intrepid mascot was a kleptomaniac...?

juli mccarthy
9.2.03 @ 9:36p

That is just completely silly.

jack bradley
9.2.03 @ 9:53p

Why have I never seen this before? I'm laughing so hard it hurts...

adam kraemer
9.3.03 @ 10:08a

That was brilliant. I liked your column. This was better. I'm going to watch that again. A lot.

Do you think they'll fit him?


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