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the making of 'iep'
the little film that could actually did
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)

I really don't have much to say about this shoot except that it was phenomenal. It really couldn't have possibly gone better. Since May, the process of putting this film together (especially the fundraising side) has been one of the loneliest, most frustrating and disappointing experiences of my life. I had several moments along the way where I wondered why I was even bothering to try. The single most frustrating day was last Thursday. But after that day, the Red Sea parted, and most of my remaining problems began to solve themselves.

The shoot was remarkably smooth. We got a little behind schedule on Saturday, but it was relative. If I start thanking one or two people, I'l have to thank everyone, because everyone who had anything to do with this film was an integral part of making the most professional shoot of my career the easiest shoot of my career.

From cast to crew to location, I couldn't have possibly made any better decisions. (I don't say that arrogantly, because quite a few of my decisions were made from a limited amount of options. I just thank God for turning my lemons into sweet, delicious pink lemonade.) The movie should be edited by the end of the year, once my editor returns from the feature he's cutting in Louisiana. (big baller!)

With a few more donations (yes, that means you), we should be able to hit the international film festival circuit hard in 2010. Without them, I'll have a pretty darn good film that no one will ever see. Real talk from your neighbor.

The last shot of the film is stuck in my head. It haunts me.

Enough of my babbling. Pictures > words.

Check the IEP Facebook page for more.


Jason Gilmore is a film director, screenwriter, novelist and unrepentant Detroit Pistons fan. Track him down on Facebook.

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they shoot with film, don't they?
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iep (the movie)
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lucy lediaev
10.16.09 @ 5:12p

I think it's wonderful that you pulled this off. I just wish I had the resources to help you more. For your next feature, you can put me to work as an ancient gofer. I'm retiring at the end of January '10.

Let me know how I can help get the word out; I think this film has a very important message!


jason gilmore
10.16.09 @ 6:09p

I definitely will keep you in the loop Lucy -- and thanks so much for your generosity. Don't I owe you lunch?

(You're not ancient, btw.)

lucy lediaev
10.16.09 @ 6:16p

You don't owe me a thing. I'm just hoping a lot of people see "IEP." Let me know when you have a screening. I'd like to see the finished product.

It's Friday afternoon; I feel ancient today.

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