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paris calling
by jack perez

A little down time. Some nice food and a glass of wine. Then Paris calls. It's networking time. What's YOUR networking approach? Do you have a plan? What about random calls on a Sunday? Be open to the ways of the networking world. Get your weekly MarketingSMACK! here.

A few months back, Paris Delane, a musician who had been part of one of my favorite bands, Sonia Dada, found me on FaceBook and requested to friend me. I accepted. Shortly after that he became a FAN of my company page Summit Strategy Partners on FaceBook and started reading my blogs.

I thought that was neat.

Last Sunday evening while I was enjoying some me time complete with sashimi, sauvignon blanc and an episode of Buffy, he called. I was surprised, to say the least. Paris shared with me his gratitude for his success and his desire to give back and help others reach theirs. Towards the end of our 20 minute call he requested that I send him an email describing my company, its services and showcasing Summit's Disruptive ConversationTM

Paris offered to help promote Summit Strategy Partners to many of the influential people he has been fortunate enough to meet and befriend over the course of his long career. I thanked him, got off the phone and ran to the refrigerator to check how much of that sauvignon was STILL in the bottle. The next day I wrote that email, first thing, and sent it to Paris with a thanks.

Many people tell me I am a consummate networker a maven and a connector.

My perspective is that you should approach networking with the mindset to help the person youre networking with. Give, rather than take.

One of my biggest thrills is to introduce people who then go on to make great things happen for one another. Networking depends upon having a general plan for meeting the type of individuals you can help and who can help you. But be open for the Pariss of the universe.

Since that Sunday call, Summit Strategy Partners FAN page has grown by 20 percent. And, I have a feeling its just beginning hopefully, a blog or two from now I will be espousing the wonders of viral. Until then, Ill just make sure the sauvignon doesnt run out.

If you want to become a FAN too just click on: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=770017240&v=feed&story_fbid=118256137240&__a=1#/pages/Summit-Strategy-Partners/63562422256?ref=mf
Any and all exposure is greatly appreciated.


Jack is a business owner, martial artist, mother of a rock star son and an intensity junkie. Jack's company, Summit Strategy Partners aligns marketing strategies to meet coroporate objectives. While this may not sound sexy - it is. What's sexier than success?

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tracey kelley
7.14.09 @ 2:46p

Gawd, I loved Sonia Dada.

Fanned up. And welcome to Intrepid! You have Joe Procopio written all over you. :D

jack perez
7.14.09 @ 3:50p

Thanks for the welcome. What does "Joe Procopio written all over you" mean? So curious. And, yeah Sonai Dada rocked! They are putting out a new album some time soon.

tracey kelley
7.15.09 @ 8:56a

Joe Procopio, founder of Intrepid Media, is a whirlwind of connectivity and ideas.

New album from SD? I'm very pleased to hear this!

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