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we are all...
by katherine l (aka clevertitania) (@CleverTitania)

We are all drones, following the fad and fashion of life. We rarely react to anything based on individual tastes and perceptions, instead we all follow whatever the marketing gurus tell us is good, and we blindly do as the commercials instruct us. We dont choose political positions because we know whats right and wrong, instead we follow a party line, or whatever the mainstream media informs us is right or wrong. We are all just pawns of the establishment.

We are all too absorbed with our own self worth and individuality. We think were all special and unique, and we should never treat anyone as just part of any group. We all think we should celebrate our individuality, by expressing ourselves in whatever way we can, and expressing our own rare attributes in our work, life and appearance. As a result, we are so concerned with our individual selves that the common good and collective consciousness goes out the window.

We are all obsessed with our wants, with our own consumer culture, and our need to acquire more stuff. We believe we are entitled to the best technology has to offer us, and we are cut off from the reality of earth, nature and the here and now, by our preoccupation with making our lives better with gadgets and what the future might hold. We throw away money on useless things which do not enrich our lives, and instead just make us more slaves to the debt built economy.

Is anyone elses head ready to explode yet?!

Do you know what Im tired of? Im tired of everyone telling us what is wrong with us, and what we should be doing to improve. Im also tired of the fact that everyone thinks they have the definition for the problem and/or another solution to it, and while fans will cheer more than one of these geniuses on half the time they are all contradicting each other. So am I here to offer more problems and solutions to you? Not really. What I am here to do, is comment on what others are telling you, and offering a brief opposing statement. Take it or leave it guys, Im just here to do my part.

So, how about this?

There are people in this world who feel a comfort in continuity, and going with the easy method of trusting others to guide them. Is that right for all of us? No, its not. But for some it works. Should we try to force all these people to be more introspective and finicky? Well guess what guys? Without people like these individuals, shit doesnt get done in this world. These are the normal average people, who make up a large part of our world and workforce. So get over it and let them have their Reality TV. In fact, give it its own channel, so theres more room for those who crave variety. Should those variety cravers strive to be like this? Probably not the best idea, since my personal perception is these people tend to live pretty droll lives. But these individuals also are far more capable of appreciating the happiness of simple moments in life. You cant exactly call that a bad thing.

There are people in this world who live to be different and follow their own tune. They find a joy in expressing themselves in whatever way they can, and they find that expression enriches the boring parts of their lives. It makes it easier for them to deal with the average efforts of growing up, having a job, and cultivating a family structure of some kind. These people cannot be content with just following someone elses idea of good/bad, right/wrong. Does everyone have to want to live like this? Well wouldnt that be silly? If we all just went about expressing all the time, whod clean up? But these people are usually the ones who help entertain the others. Theyre creations and expressions bring art, poetry, film, music, and beauty into the world. They make it a brighter prettier place, and they need to be recognized for that. In fact, itll help the process a lot, because they generally do more with more attention.

Yeah, there is a new gadget on the market every day, and there are lots of people who enjoy playing with them. Are they all beneficial? Hardly. Some are just more noise and jetsam in the universe. But then again, without the companies trying to innovate and keep up with our technology crazy selves, where would computer processors be at today? Id bet you good money they wouldnt be fast and powerful enough to run the state of the art medical imaging equipment in hospitals across the world. They wouldnt be prevalent enough in our society to allow oppressed individuals on the other side of the globe to share their plight. They wouldnt be able to illuminate the mysteries of the universe for us, from inner to outer space. Maybe we have plenty of crap, but it is our continued consumption of that crap, that helps make the truly amazing possible. So dont run out and buy the next cool new cell phone, if you dont need it. But if you do; buy the most innovative and imaginative on the market, or buy one from the most forward thinking company you can find. Or just get an iPhone, your call.

My point is this...

We are not perfect. We are as flawed as every generation before and every generation that will follow. You know what your own faults are, without anyone telling you about them. Work on them as best you can, or dont, but dont piss and moan if you completely ignore self improvement and your life sucks as a result. But stop letting the so-called experts tell you whats wrong with you. Stop letting them cannibalize their sociology and psychology books looking for every way they can categorize and dissect you. Because these jerk offs are just as screwed up as you are.

Just do your best to live in the world, and put into the world what you want back from it. Support those people who see the world the way you do, and maybe youll both impact it in a way that will be good for everyone. But if you support people who put hate and negativity into the world, dont get pissed when we tell you both to shut up, and send you to your corner. Especially when you found out we never installed cable in your corner.

The world changes and adapts, just as people do, with time and experience. Will it be what we want it to be 100 years from now? I seriously doubt it. Do you think the world we have now is what the people 100 years ago wanted? Well, that might not be a great example. Most of the people 100 years ago wouldve soiled themselves if they just had a dream of the world as it is today. But remember this. If youre always looking ahead, youll lose sight of whats right next to you. And if you never look ahead, youre going to trip, and likely scrape the hell out of your knees, often. So once again, its all about the peripherals.

And when they tell you whats wrong with you, return the favor, and walk away.


When I grow up, I want to be; whoever Joss Whedon wants to be, when he grows up. I am a writer because it's the first thing I want to do when I wake up in the morning; aside from eating and using the lavatory of course. My work includes screenplays, short stories, film/TV/music reviews and socio-political commentary. The last one is a fancy way of saying I like to shoot my mouth off on many topics. I excel at using $1.50 words. They gone up, thanks to inflation. Isn't our economy awesome?

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