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happily never after!
the return of tedium
by ammar khaleel

In my previous column, I discussed how our lives are mere imitations of one another, since we only have access to what shows up in our social environment, and how our choices have been predetermined for us through historical and social practices. Thus, originality and uniqueness have no place in our lives, since our existence is limited and bounded by the potentialities we have from our surroundings.

Now I would like to discuss our mundane, autopilot, half-asleep, Zombie like existence that we call life. I hope you don’t take me for a pessimist, for I’m pro-life. I love being alive and I embrace the limitations of my being, for I see my existence free from all metaphysical pretenses, yet I know my place in this social construction; like a worker ant wondering aimlessly in search of food for its colony, but that is its job, its purpose and meaning in life. Seeking food for other ants is its existence, for which it doesn’t know any better. However, we think that we are better, since we have choices and we are in control of our lives, for example we can do things that we enjoy such as singing, dancing, eating, playing, having sex and so on. We also do things that can cause pain to others, such as lying, cheating, stealing, murdering and so on. But the question remains, do any of these things make us better species.

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to believe that we are better than any other creature, the fact is still the same, that we are no better or worse than any other creatures on the planet. Nonetheless, we do have at our disposal a colorful variety of preferences and alternatives that have rendered themselves to us through time and culture. So what do we do with all of these possibilities we have? Do they make us happier, since we are obsessed with seeking and achieving the good life for us and our offspring?

It seems to me that this abundance of choices that show themselves in our environment are a product of our fear and anxiety. Fear of facing an empty life, an abyss that has no meaning or purpose beside its biological reproduction. This profound overwhelming feeling of anguish and despair gives rise to creating and constructing ideals and principles that give objective to our pale pathetic existence; yet we hold on so dearly to these ideas and values, as if they would perish when we close our eyes. Our problem is that we don’t have enough courage to challenge the validity of these presumptions, and see if they make any sense in this day and age.

Nevertheless, not all things we do in our everyday life goes in vain, for we create value and meaning from our tedious, autopilot, half-asleep, Zombie like life. We must understand that there is no greater cause, no divine intervention and no significance to our so called humanity. We exist here in this dynamic social community, and we deal with what is available to us from this community. Our notion of happiness has no relevance or magnitude in our existence, yet through our everyday interactions with one another we employ this notion.

So if you want to be happy, then be happy and if you want to be sad, be sad; for it makes no difference since you are a Zombie running on autopilot for the rest of your life.


I’m not a messenger of hope! Since I immersed myself in the study of Philosophy, I found new ways and venues to view and critique the world, life and each other, naked and free from any metaphysical conception. Some might think that my linguistic social construction is a bit radical, but it liberates me from my demons.

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andrea augustine
4.12.08 @ 1:13p

I guess us musicians are exempt from Zombie-hood... OH WAIT! I'm wrong. I seem to recall a song by the Cranberries saying something about Zombies....

Red Bull gives you wings, and coffee is my best friend and now I have a craving for brians... BRAINS! ;)

Nice thoughts, Ammar!


ammar khaleel
4.12.08 @ 8:10p

You know it’s unfortunate that anyway I look at, no one is exempt from this reality; we are creatures of habit and we suffocate the life out of our surroundings, because we are so afraid of doing things differently, afraid of failure and afraid of being judged by others. It’s a shame that’s all. But still, it’s who we are, so cheer up and enjoy some BRAINS!

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