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good night, brown eyes.
i don't exist.
by daniel castro

The days slow down, office white. Right now it feels like the sound of static anticipating its jarring release. Fluorescent light bulbs and daylight are one and the same. My eyes are weary with neon. I communicate through Post-Its and e-mail. I'm eastern, central, mountain and pacific all rolled into this mess of non sequiturs. Coffee and paperwork. Youtube chuckles, Facebook nudges. Patterns in meaningless data. I've always been terrified of signing along dotted lines. You've never been one to read through them. It's been this way before. We've walked down these paths, but always stuttering. Nervous. Half-hopes and "what-if"s. Walking bridges before burning them down. But it's never been like this. Like this, when I find myself throwing punches at the moon out of frustration. When I talk too much and make too little sense at night. Yelling through a cell-phone and grasping for any connection whatsoever. When... when? When was the last time I was really honest? To anyone, about anything. About where I'm stuck, about the way I feel, about my interpersonal skills and the way some relationships seem to end up disintegrating, like so much sand falling through clutching fingers.

Good night, indifferent brown eyes. I don't exist.


Great, outgoing guy in his mid 20's. Works and parties hard. Obsessed with music. Oh wait, this isn't match.com

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i wish i knew the meaning of my life
well, not really...
by daniel castro
topic: general
published: 7.26.02


juli mccarthy
1.30.08 @ 1:15a

I wish this was longer - but maybe it doesn't have to be. It's certainly packed full as it is.

dan gonzalez
2.1.08 @ 12:18a

Technological environments are dehumanizing, but you are not defined by your gadgets or surroundings! You are a bad-ass Cubano con un gran corazon!

Keep writing your soul!

daniel castro
2.1.08 @ 2:40p

Soy Cubano? Since when?

Trust me, I am sadly defined by my gadgets. Blame my inner geek.

dan gonzalez
2.19.08 @ 2:31a

No soy Cubano. Soy Chicano. But we are still brothers!

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