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empty boy
by juli mccarthy

Not so much enigma as imago.
Cry mercy, lady, for he offers naught
Water on glass, transmission glissando
Scratch the surface and find only surface
His mirth is in his mouth, his eye uncaught
Crystal blue reflects nothing
His need is just a noise.


A whole gallon of attitude, poured into a pint container.

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jael mchenry
8.17.05 @ 3:56p

Whoa. That's cool.

"Transmission glissando," lovely sounds there playing off each other.

karl kiessling
8.24.05 @ 2:00a

Your idiom usage from your obviously deep lexicon connotes meaning multidimentionally. I would love to see you push yourself into the "speaker" and "listener" type poetry (ie. Robert Browning--My Last Duchess). Your imagery is wonderfully kinesthetic. I agree with Jael "Transmission glissando" has almost a synesthetic (as in synesthesia) quality. I eagerly await more from you love.

juli mccarthy
8.24.05 @ 2:02a


That is the first time ever someone has picked up on the synaesthesia.

karl kiessling
8.24.05 @ 2:15a

ok am I being silly...blush I'll stay quiet...goes into corner

This poem is also a great example of verisimilitude presented through a proscenium.

This poem also give a schosh sense of peripeteia and I love it; not too many poets can pull that off.


juli mccarthy
8.24.05 @ 2:25a

Karl, dear - put the thesaurus down and go to bed.

karl kiessling
8.24.05 @ 2:25a

I am also please that you are not afraid to use enjambements...so many neopoets are....

juli mccarthy
8.24.05 @ 2:25a


karl kiessling
8.24.05 @ 2:26a

Damn brain always in overdrive...this is what happens when you hang around the caffinatrix...caffine absorbtion by osmosis.

now you goto bed too!!


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