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still at it
one meal at a time
by stephen g. cook

I love what I do. I enjoy feeding the masses on a regular basis. I love adventure and going into the unknown. I get this sensation every time I walk into my kitchen. What's gonna happen next? I could never tell you unless the moon is full. At this point in the business your customers have had two more drinks and things could be perfect or fly way south. I still don't know where this is going,but I'll come up with something.

Let's go back to the full moon. I am not the most cosmic dude, but I will tell you that the full moon lends itself to overenbibing. (is that a word?) When the moon is full or even "waxing hard" my customers are very unpredictable. Believe me when I tell you, they are not thinking the least of astrology. They are on a plane of existence I can't even fathom. Well, maybe.

So I am cosmic for realizing. I still try to be a good Christian boy. This will not save me in the harsh world of my kitchen. Time to grow thick skin my friends. All my culinary efforts come from the heart. I really try on every plate I serve to make your night. I instill this effort in all my staff. I have scenarios depending on whom I'm dealing with.

If it's a young helper I tell him to pretend he's making every dish for a girl he wants to get. (and to keep track because these skills may help him win a lady in the future)

So, the guy's more my age and new to presentation.....I tell him to act like he's serving his Mother.

If it's a girl... Not much to say she allready cares.

This is where I say you can really tell who cares about you in the food business. If your sauce is sputtered all over your plate someone was in a hurry. (one of the guys perhaps)

My plate will be calling for eating.

Why does the girl's plate look so much better than mine??

The world may never know but......

Most will never be satisfied on a full moon...

Just reporting my world.


I live in upstate New York where the winters are bad but a hurricane won't blow your house down.I am a musician and a chef.Life doesn't bother me at all. In the past I have cruised chicks with Joe Procopio at putt-putt golf courses.I have no real column writing in my background(just some poetry and lyrics)but enjoy visiting the site and it's culture.

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jeff miller
5.6.05 @ 4:02p

Any job you can bring creative passion to is a good job...seems like Steve landed himself in the right career.

I can't help but wonder, though...how does the plate you prepare for the hot chick from the video store differ from the plate you prepare for Mom?

stephen cook
5.6.05 @ 11:10p

You're a funny guy.

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