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relative perspectivism
we are manipulated by fear and comfort...
by ammar khaleel

‘To be, or not to be, that is the question.’

We live in a world where, knowledge is only a perception, and reality is merely a relative perspectivism. We judge and are judged by appearances, formalities, and certain conceptions, yet awareness, morality, and individuality cease to leave an impression on our lives. Consequently our lives are illusions, reflections, and projections of our minds’ needs, desires, and fantasies. We run, we hide, and we escape. We nod, we agree, and we accept. Our sense of reason and logic is confined in our simple closed minds. We are manipulated by fear and comfort that we don’t know what we ought to know, even if we knew. We clench tightly to life, without realizing how precious, yet how frail it is, thus we suffocate it, and ultimately destroy our being. To claim back our existence, we will have to start living, for people who are alive, are mostly dead. Yet, our intuition will provide us with courage, aspiration, and a will to live, for we will not go silently into the night; we will not vanish without a fight; we will survive and see the light. The dawn of a new face of evolutions, where it’s not survival of the fittest, but rather survival of the fullest, for the fullest are beings that embrace and nurture their individualities, until they are humans again, for humanity is our brave new world.

‘I think therefore I am.’
Rene Descartes

Ammar Shather


I’m not a messenger of hope! Since I immersed myself in the study of Philosophy, I found new ways and venues to view and critique the world, life and each other, naked and free from any metaphysical conception. Some might think that my linguistic social construction is a bit radical, but it liberates me from my demons.

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contradiction is the approach to life!
by ammar khaleel
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published: 12.22.03

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nor mal
11.26.03 @ 2:49a

Hey, I might know where you can pick up a guest-mystic gig.
... just until the visionary gets his plumbing unfrozen, though.

btw, I checked out your Relative Perspectivism thing, and it reminds me in places of a great song by Dead Can Dance: Black Sun.

"I've seen the eyes of living dead.
It's the same game - survival.
The great mass play a waiting game.
Embalmed, crippled, dying in fear of pain.
All sense of freedom gone."

nor mal
11.26.03 @ 2:54a

Oh, I see this is the Relative Perspectivism thing.
(saw it in a vision)

ammar khaleel
11.26.03 @ 10:55p

Hey Normal, I don't think that I've heard this song before, but it sure sounds good, true and unfortunately sad, unless we can do something to change it.

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