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i grant you...
by samantha brown

I sit here as time goes by
Asking more questions and considering why?
Knowing the doorway is open for me
I have no other option but to set it all free
Answers will come in time I know
Hopeful confusion will be greeted...hello
Hearing footsteps lurking in my mind
Grasping for change to see what I find
Beautiful illusion so wild and true
I was granted a dream and now I see through
Painful memories,darkness in my heart
Clinging to what's left of a broken start
Senses telling me to keep an eye out
For tomorrow may bring another about
Being careful with all in my heart
Holding everything in a shadow of a doubt
Hear my cries echoing in your mind
You want out but don't know how
It's all a dream,but is it?
It's too bad that you'll wake up to find
Another chaotic idea all in your mind
It stems from a troublesome beginning
I grant you hope and love
Surely you'll understand it's not a dream
But my reality


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general admission
by samantha brown
topic: writing
published: 12.30.99


gregory procopio
8.29.03 @ 1:37a

Very well written. We all have internal battles we deal with every day. Demons so to speak, so stay strong for your reality may be a difficult thing but with love and hope, your dreams can become your ultimate reality.

samantha brown
8.30.03 @ 3:01a

This poem is for the people who have been hurt by others that they have looked up to or loved. It's like saying,"Hey you hurt me,but you are the one who isn't sleeping at night" sort-of-thing. It's "therapy",no doubt! LOL! :)

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