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do i make you horny, baby?
yes, i went to a sex club.
by matt morin

To my immediate left a naked woman in a gimp mask is shackled to the wall. Straight ahead, behind a chain link fence, one heavy-set woman in a corset whips another large woman on the ass. To my right, a dozen onlookers watch as a couple fucks on a bed with thick rubber sheets. And it's barely after midnight. Welcome to Couples Night at San Francisco's Power Exchange.

The Power Exchange bills itself as an adult sexual play space for "all preferences and exotic sensibilities." In short, a legal sex club. The top two floors are gay-only, while the ground floor and basement are for straight, bi, and lesbian couples. It's somewhat of an odd San Francisco institution – everyone knows about it, and everyone knows someone who has been, but very few actually admit to going themselves. The Power Exchange has various theme nights, and on the fourth Friday of each month they have Couples Night. I had heard that since it was a couples-only evening, the crowd was more varied and the action hotter. Sounds like a party to me.

I arrived at the neon lit warehouse space about midnight with Jacqui. (More on her later.) We signed in at the front desk, read the house rules, paid the $40 cover and proceeded to the clothes check. (What? You expected a coat check at a sex club?) I hesitated on taking off my shirt. "Do you think I should check this?" I asked Jacqui, glancing around at the crowd. "Hey, if she's going to show her tits like that, you definitely need to show yours," the clothes check guy laughed. It was true. Jacqui had checked everything that wasn't vinyl or see-through mesh. Well then…I guess the guy had a point. Check the shirt. So, wearing vinyl pants, a spiked choker, boots and nothing else but an open attitude, we started our exploration.

The first thing that hit me when we entered is the smell. It's a strange, almost overpowering gym locker room smell of sweat mixed with bleach, plus the unmistakable odor of sex. It would get more cloying as the night wore on, and the entire time I was there, I never got used to it.

The ground floor consists of about a half dozen large rooms, each with a theme. The Medieval Room features a huge banquet table complete with fake roast pig, a large bed, a pair of thrones, and other King Arthurish décor. With the right lighting, it could host a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for 6-year-olds. Well, maybe if you lost the leather restraints on the rack. The Prison Room was just that – an actual group of jail cells with sex swings or dentist chairs inside each. There was a Game Room where people played pool while watching two women strip on a shimmery curtained stage. An Egyptian Room with sarcophagus led to a Bates Motel look-alike. Bowls of free condoms were everywhere. (House Rule #1: Condoms are mandatory.)

Downstairs opens up into a low-ceilinged Dungeon Room with various areas for different fetishes. There's a large bondage area and a room playing videos of types of porn I never knew existed. We spent a few minutes contemplating the fact that people actually enjoy being strangled with a belt, not to mention that someone films it and makes money selling the video. The rest of downstairs was a dizzying maze of hallways, with small dark rooms hidden everywhere. Abused couches sagged into corners. Black lights lit cool, dark hallways streaked with glowing paint.

The clientele was mostly milling around when we arrived. Couples wandered from room to room like they were window shopping. Occasionally, crowds would form around a couple engaged in oral sex, but at the start I was really wondering what all the hoopla was about. We wandered out to the main dungeon area where one overly-skinny woman was bent over a bench and whipped by a large bald man. A naked man was splayed out, tied down and having his penis stroked with a feather. The gimp woman in a rubber mask was yelping as a man ran an electro-wand over her back. All this certainly wasn't turning me on, but I think that's sort of the point of the Power Exchange – different strokes for different folks. Even if those strokes come at the end of a riding crop.

The crowd was an amazingly eclectic mix. Some couples were obviously regulars – dressed in full fetish gear. Some looked like they wandered in off the street, only here for a week from Nebraska. A young, wide-eyed Asian couple in khakis and t-shirts. A man and woman in their 60's, shuffling room to room. A tall Mexican woman in a tight dress held the hand of a short, skinny black man sporting a yellow tracksuit. Maybe half the people dressed especially for the occasion.

As the evening picked up steam, more and more rooms offered couples going at it. Lots of oral sex. Slightly less "regular" sex. I'd estimate that at any one time, less than a quarter of the people there were actually doing anything – almost always with the person they came with. The rest would mill around until some new couple decided to go at it. Upstairs, in the King Arthur Room, two women licked each other while the men they were with sat in the thrones and watched. "I can't believe we're doing this," one woman laughed to the other between breaths as she went back down on her.

I expected to find more of this sexy. Or at least I thought it might turn me on. Very little of it did. Maybe my undiscovered fetish just wasn't on display that night. Maybe watching people have sex just isn't that exciting. Maybe if Kate Beckinsale and the Playboy Bunnies were there I would change my story. But obviously, for a lot of people, this kind of thing is a huge attraction. It was clear that despite being handcuffed to a huge wooden cross and whipped with a cat o'nine tails, people were having fun. More power to them, I guess.

After about two hours, with the ever-present smell getting to both of us, Jacqui and I wandered back upstairs. "You two have fun?" the clothes check guy asked us. "Oh yeah. It was definitely an experience," I replied. And that it was.

Note: An extra special thanks to Jacqui for being my research assistant for the night. Without her, I couldn't have gotten in to Couples Night. Jacqui is a friend of a friend who agreed to this without ever having met me or spoken to me via e-mail. She was great fun – getting into the spirit of things by uninhibitedly dressing up for the occasion. I definitely wouldn't have had as good a time without her. Also, thanks to her boyfriend, whom I've never met, for being cool about her going to a sex club with some random guy.


Matt would love to be George Plimpton...welll, except for the being dead part. He supplies the doing and the writing. All he asks of you is the reading.

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heather millen
4.14.03 @ 12:12a

I must say, this was exactly my suspicion. Told you it be kinky.



juli mccarthy
4.14.03 @ 12:25a

Jeeeze. I hope you washed your hands before you started typing this up.

I can't even tell you how much this idea turns me OFF.

robert melos
4.14.03 @ 12:43a

I'm impressed. (You have no idea how hard that is to do.)

Excellent column, man. Very well written. I like the subject matter as well.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 12:53a

Thanks, Robert.

I thought the whole thing was interesting for several reasons.

First, I generally think any new experience is a good one. I try to go into these things with an open mind and learn something from it.

Second, I found it very cool to see all different kinds and shapes of people who were that comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. (Especially after reading Margot's column.) It was nice to see people who weren't afraid to do things they liked.

And finally, it was really interesting to see all the different types of things that turn people on.

Oh, and Juli, the first thing I did when I got home was shower.

juli mccarthy
4.14.03 @ 1:01a

Don't mind me, Matt. I'm one of those people who thnks pornography is generally icky, too. I completely fail to get the appeal of a club like this.

To me, this is the opposite of erotic.

tracey kelley
4.14.03 @ 9:15a

I've seen this stuff on HBO.

That's close enough for me.

jeffrey walker
4.14.03 @ 10:12a

Maybe if Kate Beckinsale and the Playboy Bunnies were there I would change my story.

I think this statement shows you're too vanilla for such a sexually liberated type of place. Am I reading this right, or did you pay $40 and not even get any (loser)??

Jokes aside, at least you tried something new. That's braver than 75% (or more) of the world. My hat goes off to you, Matt (or should that be shirt's off)?

david damsker
4.14.03 @ 10:58a

I wouldn't mind checking out a "normal" sex club without the strange fetishes going on. I'm with Matt here: if someone needs to get whipped or tied up to have great sex, then uh, more power to 'em. I just don't get it, that's all. I just want to know what happened to these people in their childhood?

margot lester
4.14.03 @ 11:08a

bravo, matt. i tend to view those clubs with a sort of detachment myself. i reckon if i had a well-developed voyeur fetish, i'd be in heaven, but usually i just mill around and talk to people about their fetishes and why they're there, etc.

it's great that you went though. at least you were exposed to some new ideas -- and maybe some things you could tone down and bring to bear (or bare!) in your own sexual life. at the very least, though, you got some good material, which is always the hallmark of a sucessful outing.

russ carr
4.14.03 @ 11:22a

If you didn't fuck anyone, what's the point? It's like going to an opium den and not hitting the hookah.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 11:33a

The point was observation to figure out what it was all about. You don't have to pitch 9 innings just because you go watch a baseball game.

Plus, just like I wouldn't go into detail about any of the speed dates I went on, even if I did do something at the Power Exchange I wouldn't necessarily tell you all about it.

adam kraemer
4.14.03 @ 12:21p

I'll give $5 to anyone who can get me Jaqui's e-mail address. She'll give us the real scoop.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 12:27p

Maybe. From what I know of Jacqui, she'd get a kick out of making up some wild story (which may be true or not).

I sent her the link. Maybe she'll respond.

jael mchenry
4.14.03 @ 12:31p

She's certainly got one hell of an understanding and open-minded boyfriend.

"Hey, you wouldn't mind if I took your girlfriend to watch people having sex, right? Great, thanks!"

jeffrey walker
4.14.03 @ 12:34p

Of course, it would figure that Matt would take a girl he doesn't have a chance with to a sex club. He was just setting himself up for failure.

juli mccarthy
4.14.03 @ 12:54p

Margot said: "usually i just mill around and talk to people about their fetishes and why they're there" and I think that's what's giving me the oogy feeling reading this, Matt. You're just looking and seeing, but I might have been more comfortable with the whole idea if you were talking to these people, getting some scoop on WHY this is appealing to them. Not that you should try to make ME comfortable, but I think that's what's been nagging at me about this column.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 1:03p

I see your point, Juli, but it just didn't seem like that was the thing to do there. I wasn't exactly sure of the protocal of striking up a conversation while someone's handcuffed to a table and being spanked with a paddle.

True, it would have made a better column had I done a little more investigative journalism and talked to more people, but I didn't really know how to do that in that situation.

And Jeff, the fact that Jacqui had a boyfriend made things a lot easier - we could joke around, have fun, and not have to worry about "Are we going to have sex or not?" It made it easier to pay attention and take in the whole scene instead of constantly thinking about hooking up.

jeffrey walker
4.14.03 @ 1:14p

I guess, Matt, but if you ask someone to a sex club and they agree, I think "hooking up" is a done deal - Less worrying, more action. Or even if your date wasn't into it, you may have found someone else there. It is a sex club.

As for those who aren't excited about the idea of these places, please don't go. No need for prudes to screw up a good time. Long live debauchery.

russ carr
4.14.03 @ 1:31p

Well, yeah, that's sort of my point. I wouldn't shell out my money just to go there and watch. Even a voyeur would masturbate. Otherwise you're a tourist, a gawker, the looky-loo at the crash scene. You're an asexual Tom Cruise, picked out of the crowd because you're clearly not one of them, despite your costume.

One of the rules of Fight Club: everybody fights. Well, here we are at Fuck Club.

lee anne ramsey
4.14.03 @ 1:41p

Russ, I was thinking the same thing.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 1:56p

Well, it's a lot easier to find someone to fight me than it is to find someone to fuck me.

But everyone already knows that...

We didn't stay all night, so I couldn't tell for sure, but I'd estimate that 3/4 of the people there were looky-loos.

david damsker
4.14.03 @ 2:07p

How the heck do people develop these fetishes? What could possibly have happened to someone to require them to be whipped to get an erection?

russ carr
4.14.03 @ 2:14p

Rubes at the circus. Tourists at the zoo. They stand outside the cages and point and murmur and laugh at the freak show and the wildlife, all kept at a safe distance so not to challenge domestic tranquility.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 2:23p

Just because I don't want to get my head knocked off by a blitzing linebacker doesn't mean I don't like to watch football.

sarah ficke
4.14.03 @ 2:24p

Some people have a fetish about being watched, so I suppose the sex club fulfills both functions.

russ carr
4.14.03 @ 2:29p

David -- ever been whipped?

Why does something necessarily have to "happen" to instigate a fetish? Though in this case it may be as simple as one lover slapping another's ass during sex, and the slapped party saying, "Hey, that felt nice. Do it again. Harder." From there, the frequency and intensity increases, until the guy can't get off without being spanked at some point during sex. But then, as he gets more and more accustomed to it, he craves the next step in intensity. A hot hand becomes a lash...then a strap...then a cane...then a whip. It's the common human desire for More.

russ carr
4.14.03 @ 2:36p

If you attend an organized sporting event, you're there as a spectator. At no point are you expected to play, coach, or otherwise participate beyond the role of an observer.

You went to a legal sex club, where anyone who's having sex there paid the same $40 you did. They're not there to get paid and put on a show for you. They're there to have sex with other people in public. And there's nothing to keep you from joining them beyond your own inhibitions.

If you're groping for a metaphor, Matt, let me suggest this one: You went to the sexual equivalent of a poetry slam, or open mic night. Some people were bold enough to get on stage and perform, while the rest of you sat in the crowd and sipped latte. And that's fine.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 2:40p

Good metaphor, Russ. True, there was nothing prohibiting me from joining in (well, other than the fact that I'd have to find someone who'd want me to join in - it's not like I could just walk up to anyone and jump on them).

But the point of this column wasn't for me to go explore any desire to have public sex, or sex with strangers, or any fetish fantasy. The point was to go see what a sex club was like.

Like any good reporter, I don't have to be a part of the story to write about what's happening.

erik myers
4.14.03 @ 2:59p

But you only get half the story. Anybody can stand around and watch strangers fuck.

Actually fucking the strangers: that's new ground.

So... 2 hours is a long time. What else did you do?

heather millen
4.14.03 @ 3:06p

I've been to a similar club... it was actually called a "bondage club," so the fetish was pretty narrowed down. Yeah, it's always interesting to see new things, but I just wasn't that impressed. I mean, after about 5 minutes the novelty is gone. And I agree with Matt that it didn't turn me on.

Of course, it could be the situations we went in. It was funny. Something different to see. But I certainly wouldn't want to go again unless I was going to participate in the activities offered there. Otherwise, the whole thing is rather blase.

erik myers
4.14.03 @ 3:21p

So, Matt -- what are the various theme nights?

mike julianelle
4.14.03 @ 4:50p

Matt, check out the "Human Guinea Pig" columns on Slate.com. Maybe you should try writing for it.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 5:33p

Erik, they do the Couples Night, a Slave Auction Night - where they auction people off for charity, and they do a Wet n' Wild Night that's women only.

"Anybody can stand around and watch strangers fuck."

True, but I was the only person to do it and write a column about it.


robert melos
4.14.03 @ 5:33p

Matt, the style of the column reminded me of a writer, I think his name is Dan Greenberg. I know he did was a sports writer original, who penned a couple of books as well.

Observing the human condition is a wonderful thing. As for joining in, simply by watching in a club like that you are participating. Exhibitionism is a fetish and I'm sure some of those people were there just to be seen. If you had gone beyond that, you become more part of the story than the observer. Then you'd have a much different column.

As for a need to be whipped or spanked, I doubt most of the people who are into these fetishes require it all the time in order to achieve release. It may just be a stimuli to release endorphine, but not an every night at eight kind of thing.

I've been to a couple orgies, at private houses, and they can be fun in all manner of ways.

And sometimes talking to the people can be pretty boring. Although, I have made three real estate deals at nude beaches by striking up conversation.

robert melos
4.14.03 @ 5:39p

"Anybody can stand around and watch strangers fuck."

It isn't like you can just go out on the street and see this everyday.

heather millen
4.14.03 @ 6:03p

Not everyday. Unless, of course, you're at Mardi Gras.

robert melos
4.14.03 @ 6:09p

Or the Folsom Street Fair, so I hear.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 6:15p

Oh yeah. The Folsom Street Fair. Years back Jason Siciliano did a poster for a shop down there called Leather Etc. He went down during the FSF to take a picture of it in the window for his portfolio. When he got back he noticed something in the corner of the picture - one guy in leatehr chaps standing there looking at the poster...and another guy on his knees in front of him giving the guy a blow job.


robert melos
4.14.03 @ 9:04p

There are a couple other street fairs I've heard about in SF and New Orleans. Dore Alley is one that comes up in conversations on-line, but I'm not sure where that one is.

It takes a certain mindset to handle clubs or public events. Even if you're not a prude, the first time you see these things it can be quite shocking. I think the Internet does some to desensitize people to much that would shock people. Personally, I'd rather watch people having sex than watch them killing each other in a war.

erik myers
4.14.03 @ 10:06p

Hey.. pictures!

I noticed that they have an Amateur Strip Contest, Matt. You gonna go take a shot? ;)


juli mccarthy
4.14.03 @ 10:08p

Great googly moogly. Now I have all kinds of new ideas for decorating the basement.

sarah ficke
4.14.03 @ 10:12p

Fooseball table and cage?

robert melos
4.14.03 @ 11:15p

Juli, a chain web is a cool Kinky Halloween decoration.

Sarah, Fooseball for the strip fooseball tourny, and the cage is for penalties. Just guessin' here.

Matt, don't waste the booty on an amateur contest. Go pro and get the big bucks.

watashi wa
4.14.03 @ 11:16p

Your visit to the nightclub as a writer reminds me of John Irving's book "A Widow For One Year".

In this book, the character, Ruth who is a writer went to the red-light district in Amsterdam to research for the new novel she wanted to title "My Last Bad Boyfriend". In Ruth's mind, there's a couple that visited a prostitute to experience exciting sexual encounters.

Questions formed in her head as to what and how her female character would think and experience based on her boyfriend’s behavior and response. What kind of humiliation would the girl feel if the boyfriend wanted to watch the prostitute do something with her? What was it about that day that would change her female character’s life forever?

To answer these questions, she paid a prostitute to tell her what she wanted to know. But later from hiding in a closet, the horrifying experience of what she saw happened to the prostitute and a customer became a turning point of her life. Her novel became partly autobiographical.

It is interesting how the story in her head evolved as she went about her research at the red-light district.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 11:25p

Erik, I almost linked to their site, but thought I'd let you guys use your imagination. Make sure you click past the two pictures with broken links. There's some great shots of the amazingly uncomfortable rubber-sheeted bed.

And Fred, I definitely had an idea in mind as to what all this would be like - I think mostly like porn. But it wasn't really that way at all.

watashi wa
4.14.03 @ 11:30p

I'm not saying that's the way for you too. Just that your column very much reminds of of what I read before.

matt morin
4.14.03 @ 11:31p

I like reminding people of published authors.

juli mccarthy
4.15.03 @ 12:27a

Come to think of it, I remember that Irving book, and I was almost as uncomfortable reading about Ruth's experience as I am Matt's. Once again the difference was in the talking - the prostitute told Ruth a little about what she was doing and why.

What's interesting to me is what Matt said above, about having an idea of what it would be like and finding it wasn't that at all. I think maybe this would have been a more comfortable read if we had some of Matt's frame of reference, of his thoughts going through this place. As it is now, it makes me squirm because I feel like I'm watching Matt squirm. Since this just occurred to me, I suddenly "get" this column more.

matt morin
4.15.03 @ 12:34a

Juli, I really fought with this column and it shows. A lot of the critiques I've been getting are of the "Too straight, not enough of Matt in this" variety. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that this was a little uncomfortable for me. (I like that feeling though - I think it's good to be uncomfortable every now and then.) And when I'm in an unfamiliar situation, I usually sit back and observe until I get the lay of the land. (No pun intended.)

I wanted to give a frame of reference, but just couldn't figure out a way to do it because the reality was so different than what I expected it to be. Since I didn't really talk with anyone about why they were there (I should have. Damn.) I couldn't even juxatpose why I was there with why everyone else was there.

Of course all of this is hindsight.


robert melos
4.15.03 @ 1:38a

Matt, how do you know the rubber-sheeted bed was uncomfortable? I don't want to imagine rubber sheets.

Also, it depends on the type of porn you are used to. There is some very good porn out there, with plots and attempts at acting. I still highly reccommend Susie Superstar as one of the best porn films ever made. (It's a straight one, but I still liked it).

I think as an observation piece, the column is excellent. Interviewing some of the people would've been a completely differnt column. More reporting, less observing. Talking to the people would've made it like a segment of Real Sex. The way it is, I got more of a feeling of seeing it through your eyes.

watashi wa
4.15.03 @ 3:47a

Perhaps it’s like photography... You need to know yr subject - the people you’re taking pictures of. Talk to them, look at things through their eyes and letting them see yours. Then maybe you know what it is that you wanted to bring out? That way not only will the photograph reflect the truth of the subject, but will also show the photographer’s point of view and involvement.

Bleah.. I’m rambling..

erik myers
4.15.03 @ 8:52a

Matt -- I can see why you didn't link to their site.. I mean.. for the most part it's just a fluff (ha!) page without a lot of content. You provided more to us here with description than they do in the photos -- still.. in the photos, it was nice to see the different rooms you were talking about.

Too bad you didn't (couldn't?) bring a camera in. Heh heh...

matt morin
4.15.03 @ 10:23a

Oh, and if you want to read all the house rules, go here and click on the gay club link at the top. It's the third picture in.


erik myers
4.15.03 @ 10:39a

I'm so glad I looked at that at work.

matt morin
4.15.03 @ 10:52a

By the way, don't look at that at work.

sarah ficke
4.15.03 @ 11:57a

Don't worry, Erik. They can't fire you if you just resigned.

robert melos
4.15.03 @ 7:55p

I see the no smoking rule is second to last. So much more relaxed than New York's no smoking rule. Of course New York doesn't have no maturbating without a condom rules.

babe johnson
4.17.03 @ 12:52a

My husband, and I, have been to the PE many times. We like to go on fetish nights because all four floors are open to everyone.
The people you see in bondage, and in many of the caged off areas are paid actors. The real couples tend to stay close together and act alone.
PE is more of a place to get ideas. Couples who can't speak freely about sexual desires are more open to share what does, or does not, turn them on when they can see it happening right in front of them.
We are not into the S&M so we stay out of, or move quickly through that area. Bring your own sheets, or something to lay/sit on if you are intending to play.
At 49 years old the dress-up and strut part IS the most fun. The fact that men(and women)are turned on by my natural body makes my husband, 60, very proud. We plan a weekend of fun in SF, whenever possible, on the third Sat. of the month just so we can include the Fetish Ball. It's the best show in town!!

lisa lee
4.17.03 @ 3:23a

We're in our late 20s and goto couple's night fairly often (my husband loves to go). We both enjoy it as well as their PE ball nights. Just a comment on your column. First of all, I think its great that someone mainstream such as yourself had the courage to go there. Kudos to you. And, I think its great you've exposed the club to more people. But, I think you need to do some more investigative reporting to get the full sense of the club. You didn't really experience the club...you can't go there with a friend's girlfriend and get to embrace the spirit of why people are there. Also, it varies tremendously from night to night. It picks up more in the summer than this time of year (alot of women think its too cold to go there this time of year...check it out in the summer and there will be a line out the door) Go there on a couples night with someone who is willing to explore their sexuality...stay past 2am this time...and you'll see what it can be like. But make sure you have sex at least a few times. And, not all of the "players" are actors..trust me, I only wish they would pay me instead of having to pay to enter.

The PE definitely is not for everyone. If you go as a tourist, don't expect to get to know the locals. And, as everyone realizes, the locals know how to hit the "best spots"...

matt morin
4.17.03 @ 10:24a

Babe and Lisa, thanks for the insider info. It's always good to hear from the regulars who really know what the Power Exchange is about. I know that going just one night I only got a small taste of what that place is like.

jael mchenry
4.17.03 @ 12:21p

Interesting that there are paid actors involved. I guess that's the only way to guarantee that there will be something happening. I know at weddings and parties it's hard to be the first person out on the dance floor; this would, of course, be much more difficult to start up.

matt morin
4.17.03 @ 12:24p

It's like the fetish version of the Chicken Dance!

sarah ficke
4.17.03 @ 12:25p

But no-one gets paid to do the Chicken Dance.

robert melos
4.17.03 @ 10:42p

Why am I suddenly picturing chickens in leather harnesses, carrying tiny whips?

I can definitely understand the need for some paid professionals to get the ball rolling, so to speak. It's the same as cage dancers in some clubs. It loosens people up a bit, and they feel more at ease shaking their booty or more.

Now the Fetish Ball I've seen on a few different HBO specials. The interest really lies more in your tastes. If you are a vanilla type person who isn't into much experimentation or exploration, none of these clubs are for you. The whole B&D and S&M thing can be off putting the first time you encounter it.

Back when I was in college, writing for my college paper, I did a story on a local bar that had theme nights. Much tamer than this column, I had gone on Goth-Vampire night. The highlight for me was interviewing a girl who was dressed in a school girl uniform, slightly altered with spiked heels, and fishnets. Her persona was Catherine, a Catholic School-girl gone wrong. It was all role playing, but interesting.

david bedno
4.18.03 @ 1:57a

First off, while some of the folks in the pictures on the website may be models, there are NO otherwise paid actors. Some nights not a lot happens. You pays your money, you takes your chances.

Also, there are a lot of people for whom exhibitionism is a turn-on. Similarly there are plenty of people for whom voyeurism is a turn-on. PE lets both of them get together in a space where there are no judgements being made - unlike the commentary going on here.

And, while the "no smoking" rule is second to last, it's still rigorously enforced.

The beds are rubber-sheeted because they're easy to clean. You can also request sheets at the desk, if you need them.

I hesitate to wonder what you (and other folks here) would make of one of the party nights, or even one of the regular Saturday nights, which aren't limited to couples only. Nor especially hetero-sexual couples only.

matt morin
4.18.03 @ 2:09a

David, thanks for the info. I've been hoping more PE regulars would get involved in the discussion and help everyone understand what goes on and why you enjoy it. I fully realize what I wrote about was only a snapshot.

I went on Couples Night because both the website and the discussion board recommended that first-timers come then or for the Slave Auction. Couples Night happened to be the first one on the calendar. And while I'm sure the nights vary quite a bit, people having sex are people having sex - whether they're hetero or homosexual, or whether there's 2 or 10 of them.

robert melos
4.18.03 @ 8:47p

David, if I'm ever in SF, I fully intend to find out what a Saturday night at PE is like.

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